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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Have you heard of the Carnivore Diet yet?  It’s the new diet fad! Maybe you have heard it referred to as the “zero carbs” diet?  Followers of this diet eat animal products only – that’s right, if it comes from an animal – you can eat it!  


The Benefits

Followers of this diet claim that meat has all the nutrients we require, and that eliminating all other food groups will heal your depression, fatigue, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases.  The Carnivore Diet followers make it seem like this diet is a cure all!  What New Yorker wouldn’t want to get rid of depression and autoimmune diseases?  Moreover, red meat contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals especially if it is derived from a grass-fed animalAlso, one great thing about this diet is that it’s simple – eat food from animals only.  You don’t have to spend time scrutinizing nutrition labels or counting calories. It’s typically easy to tell whether a food product is derived from an animal.   Shawn Baker, who is nicknamed the “Carnivore King” says the diet is easy because he doesn’t have to plan meals or count caloriesBaker is one of the more well-known proponents of the Carnivore Diet and has accumulated a large following on social media.


The Disadvantages

Most of us are taught from a very young age that it’s healthy to eat fruits and vegetables because they are high in nutrients.  According to Abby Langer, Registered Dietician, “we don't need plants to exist, but their phytochemicals, nutrients, and fiber are beneficial to our health.” Also, it seems like Carnivore followers are free to consume processed meat products such as bacon and sausage – although not all Carnivore dieters adhere to this.  On an ethical note, this diet is kind of the complete opposite of veganism. If you’re into avoiding meat because you’re against the exploitation of animals – then this diet is definitely not for you regardless of its potential health benefits.


So, is it just a fad?

When I first heard about the carnivore diet, it made me think of another diet that was popular with adults when I was a kid – the Atkins Diet. However, a quick internet search showed me that the Atkins Diet and the Carnivore Diet are not the same. Under the Atkins Diet, no food groups are completely eliminated except junk food. While Atkins recommends avoiding refined carbohydrates, you can still eat fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and dairy on Atkins. 

But if you’re following the Carnivore Diet, you strictly avoid the consumption of vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, or any starchesAnd unlike the recently popular Keto Diet that limits carbohydrates, this diet involves zero carbs. The Carnivore Diet is intended to be a healthy way of living unlike a short-term diet aimed at helping the dieter lose weight. Changing the way you eat is a big decision that affects many facets of your life.  Just like any diet that restricts your intake of particular food items, you may feel limited in certain social situations when your friends want to share a meal together. Moreover, it seems like this way of eating is too new for health experts to fully understand its long-term potential benefits and disadvantages.