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Wellvyl Media PBC (Public Benefits Corporation) is an edutainment media production platform that supports the Wellvyl’s Social Wellness Movement through educating its subscribers, viewers, listeners, and readers about what communication and human interaction means; how our civilization got here today; what are driving factors that contribute to our society’s breakdown in social skills and behaviors; why we feel the way we do and so much more - through entertaining and thought inspiring ways.


Wellvyl Media’s News is Wellvyl’s Social Scientific Journal “Lite” for the everyday person to learn about human interaction and social skills while understanding how our human civilization arrived here in a society that suffers and endures societal ills which cause feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Our contributors are researchers from The Social Wellness Institute, a 501(c)(3) research foundation nonprofit, whom have degrees and experience in the Social Sciences as well as other overlapping and intersecting fields to holistically study, observe, and test theories and hypotheses to see how they can improve human interactions and communication. We are not governed or driven purely by opinion, correlation, conflation, and what is the popular position to take. We will remain objective and easily digestible while not click-baiting our readers.


We are here to discuss Social Wellness. What Social Wellness means and how we can improve our human interactions and communication efforts and skills. We will also address examples of what healthy communication looks, sounds, and feels like?

Our content fall into three different categories;

  • Societal Ills: What are Societal Ills? What creates them. How to overcome them. [Examples: racism, genderism, ableism, classism, phubbing, family relationships, dating, social media, elitism, ghosting, mental illness, etc.]
  • Social Wellness News: ‘Healthy Shifts’ in; nightlife, dating apps, dining, local government, public policy, companies, etc.
  • Social Science Breakthroughs & Thought: Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Anthropology, Communication, Public Health, Rehabilitation, etc.


WELLVYL IN CONVERSATIONS, is a PodCast produced by Wellvyl Media that are conversations about…

Death, Abs, & Smoothies (™) is a Podcast produced by Wellvyl Media that features Chris Krietchman and guests discussing societal ills and how we got “here” in our society today - what is going on in our current society from the perspective of why we feel alone and what the future holds for ourselves and humanity as a whole. Listening to this PodCast will hopefully create a better understanding of the motivation and drivers of one person’s perspective on how we could make adjustments today that will create a 1% kinder, nicer, healthier today and tomorrow and what it might take to get there. Smoothies and Abs won’t get us there, for sure.


Wellvyl Media has been developing documentaries and shows to better understand the human condition and what people are experiencing. Who is silently dealing with or managing something internally and showing their story and experiences. We aim to help people to see what the world could look like right now if we incrementally and proactively take a step into practicing empathy and compassion to better develop ourselves for a 1% kinder, nicer, and healthier world, now. We will show the world what that could look like in addition to showing other people’s struggles and obscurities that are not always the sexiest or popular things that show up or are covered in the media. This is our central focus or “main dish” (if you allow the metaphor) as the opposite of other media organizations which is a “side dish” or purely opinion based.


Our apparel supports a bigger purpose, which is the Wellvyl Brand.

What is Wellvyl?

Wellvyl is a movement focused on health, inclusiveness, positive thinking, how we treat one another, and most importantly, how we’ll make a better world. We do this by getting to the core of our interactions with others and communication. Everything begins with how we exist in conversations. How we listen to others and how we articulate what we are thinking and feeling. Wellvyl’s mission is to improve human interactions and communication to create a 1% kinder, nicer, and healthier human experience through products and services that all support in concert our ideology and hope for humanity as our Lifestyle Brand.

Other Parts of Our Lifestyle Brand

SHOP: This is where you can buy our Apparel and merchandise that not only looks good, but creates positive human interactions. Shop our Collections and Capsules now at, and feel good knowing that your purchase helps contribute to creating a kinder, nicer, and healthier world for everyone and everywhere we can reach and contribute.

SOCIAL WELLNESS SOCIAL CLUB: This is where you can participate with us IRL. Get your ticket to meet us at our parties, events, classes, and retreats. Join our membership services to have someone to help or just be there.


When it comes to being in the Media Industry, we know there are post-apocalyptic, dystopian projected futures, there are echo-chambers, polarizing presentation, misinformation, fake news, lack of integrity, etc. And, in the learning and self-help/self-care industries there’s a lack of true knowledge and confusion about subjectivity versus objectivity. and so we are here to be the middle ground where we can bring everyone together to practice and learn patience and discover how to internalize while externalizing our feelings and thoughts in healthy ways. We hope to help contribute to our viewers building their ability to focus and hold their attention spans and learn kinder, nicer, behaviors to improve their interactions with others.

Wellvyl Media PBC is a Public Benefit Corporation working towards B Corporation Status, and our proceeds will directly go to fund social impact developments, legislation, create jobs, opportunities, community projects and programs, and our own nonprofits. Our revenue and bottom line are for People, Planet, and Profit.

People – First, we will be paying our team 20% to 40% above market rates as we grow (thanks to your purchasing support) to lead by example and influence the raising of wages outside of the executive suite and have a minimum wage of $25/hour at our organization. With our revenue we will be contributing funding and our platform to community social engagement projects, minority startups, and public work for better infrastructure, policy, reform, and so much more.

Planet – Second, fund and support projects and programs that teach anyone how to communicate and develop social skills through our own initiatives in education to further the knowledge of sociology, psychology, linguistics, mental and public health, anthropology, theology, and hospitality.

Profit – Third, to help grow our team, train and invest in their internal projects and personal growth. We seek to develop more content and our reach so that everyone, everywhere can have access to the knowledge and power of kinder, nicer, healthier communication for a little more thoughtfulness, patience, compassion, empathy, learning, listening, and understand tomorrow.