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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

“Body language, she’s a poet” — Ne-Yo


Communication is vital, and it goes beyond verbal expression. There’s a sign language we speak using more than just our hands, it’s natural and we all possess the ability to speak and understand the silent talk of the body.


To understand body language, you must first learn to listen to your body, listening to your body and the vibes that are emitted upon physical interactions with other people. Getting a good feel of what your body says when it’s talking can give you a sense of self-awareness conscious words don’t. Being in tune with what your body is saying allows you to pick up on what other people are saying. Words are one thing, body language another. It’s great when they align but most often than not. They don’t. Yes, we must listen to the words, and we can do that without neglecting what the body says…

You can tell when someone is uncomfortable, embarrassed, sad just as you are able to notice when they are relaxed, trusting and open… happy is one of the obvious emotions we notice, anger is another. If you’re attentive, people show you how they feel better than they can tell you.


Men and women speak body language differently, men more aggressive while women are a mix of passive aggression.. women tend to be more subtle, while men are considered more direct. Both genders do their fair share of assumptions by projecting what they assume is the message passed through body language, this is often common with people who aren’t actively self-aware of their own body language and what is it saying during a conversation. You have to be aware of both, what your body is saying and the other person, all while drawing the line between projecting and reality.

Just as with any other form of communication, there is always a chance of misunderstanding. We must be attentive and open enough to spot and nip misunderstandings in the bud. Being aware is so important, with relationships of all levels, reading body language correctly can keep a smooth path regardless of what you’re reading, when it’s accurate you can move accordingly, when you misread body language there’s more conflict than when you misunderstand words. Perception plays a big role in how we communicate and receive body language. If you’re honest with yourself you won’t feel the need to project whatever you want to receive body language wise and just read the vibe for what it is.


The great thing about body language is, we can always ask for clarification. Sometimes people aren’t aware of how their body language comes across to you if they do they aren’t aware of how it affects you and vice versa. Be open. That’s the best way to become fluent in body language. Trust me, it’ll serve your highest good to become fluent in this primitive language.