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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Generally, Yoga is affiliated with the centering of spirit and physical elasticizing. Albeit its origin serves a much deeper, richer purpose that has apparently been severely diluted and often lost via its American adoption. This very intense and historically accurate post on the cultural appropriation of yoga sees the practice in front of the same firing squad that squirts bleach and profits off of so many other eastern cultures.

From its Southern Asian roots to British and Portuguese colonization to feeling a necessity to introduce Yoga to Europeans as a science to prove Indians weren't primitive, the American practice of Yoga is put in a different, yet all too similar American light with White supremacy as the main culprit. Western Yoga practitioners are criticized for teaching the physical principles and not Indian history, complexities, and philosophies. An even more interesting point is that the appropriation and dilution of yoga has not only robbed American Indians of its prideful roots, but all American yogis, regardless of color, of a complete practice.

"People are searching for these things without even understanding why there is a void in the first place. Few white people make the connection between their attraction to yoga and the cultural loss their ancestors and relatives experienced when they bought into white dominant culture in order to access resources.