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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

So you are in your feelings about a new, significant other. When you receive a new text message alert, your heart jumps because they make you so excited. You might have met this person online, or luckily in-person during your post-work commute or during a night on the town. They are feeling you too. You want to ask them out but need something memorable. What do you do? Where do you go for your first date?

First dates can be routinely awkward. You want to look perfect and might spend most of your time putting together the perfect outfit. You might be worried about your safety. Everyone definitely worries about oversharing (unless you are an over-sharer in general). Most first dates are like a job interview filled with questions and bragging rights. There’s always too much stuff to worry about; however, here are a few ideas that will make that first date a bit less awkward and a bit more fun.


My first crush developed in a classroom setting. My second and third one did too. Learning and curiosity is a great way to forge a bond with someone new. If you are one of those people that are more interested in the second date than the first, then try to take a class with your new boo-thang at the Brooklyn Brainery.

With classes such as Tree Identification for Beginners($13), you can experience nature with your special someone and learn a new skill. If you want to secure that follow-up text back, take this class and use the following: the crowns of trees never touch at the top, but you definitely touch a part of my heart in tree class.

Other classes range from soap making workshop where you can slide some dirty talk in,and learn more about the history of art crime where you can be sure that your masterpiece of a heart is not stolen by someone not worthy of a second date.


Actually, comedy shows can get a tad bit awkward depending on the set or theme of the night. Be sure to see what type of things makes your new date laugh. Trust me: you do not want to go to a comedy show and your date is cracking up at racist jokes.

Try to head down to Union Halland catch one of their weekend shows. They typically range from $8–$10. I suggest going to the earlier shows that start at 8PM. If your date is into it, you can grab a drink upstairs afterwards and play some Bocce ball while chatting about the funniest jokes from the night. After 11PM, the downstairs comedy room turns into a dance room.

Enough said.

(B)ARCADE ($$)

I went on my first official date in New York City to Barcade after three previous location attempts proved futile. Barcade is just what it sounds like: a bar and an arcade. Be comfortable with others here while playing games. Do be social and make friends with others.

They have multiple locations scattered throughout the city which makes it easier to meet up. You really learn a lot about someone after watching them lose over and over and over and over. Second date tip: Don’t let the other person win.


This is a classic date and it is free. You can choose any park in New York City to do this at; however, I suggest Prospect Park because the dogs are much cuter. You could even spice things up and make a picnic out of the evening. Riverdel is a lovely vegan cheese restaurant that has affordable picnic options for two.


First dates can be difficult and will always be awkward. The biggest advice is to always be your best self. Dating can be gruesome in NYC, but it can also be rewarding. If none of these ideas sound too appealing, you can always check out the Wellvyl event’s calendar for fun events with likeminded people. Just don’t forget to live better and be better.