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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Sunday night, Lebron James accomplished what many feel is his finest achievement. The greatest active basketball player on Earth carried, quite possibly, the weakest team he's ever played with to the NBA Finals. It is James' eighth straight appearance. The manner in which the King accomplished this Herculean feat is something everyone–die hard to non NBA fans–can learn from.

Before the regular season began, Lebron had to deal with the departure of the best point guard he ever played with, Kyrie Irving. He didn't allow the loss of Irving's spectacular talent to keep him from attaining in his goals. He assessed his talent and played to everyone's strengths. Then the squad he started the season with began to lose chemistry. They were not going to win a championship with that crew. So Lebron and the Cavaliers brass decided to make the difficult yet necessary midseason changes and traded the lion's share of that team for an assortment of new players. The lesson there is recalibration. Lebron and the Cavs didn't remain rigid and in love with their original plan. They made the best decision for tomorrow. But even the new team was only slightly better. They played poorly throughout most of the playoffs, even up until the second half of last night's game. Lebron didn't let that rock his faith or prevent him from playing his best game. He willed the Cavs to victory with a near perfect performance. Which shows that if you put in the work, believe in yourself and then will your ability towards your goals, good things usually happen. Like Eastern Conference Championship trophies.

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