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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

As a native New Yorker, I love this city with every fiber of my being.  Not only is it the greatest city in the world to me, but it’s also home.  It’s where I grew up and made childhood memories. For those reasons, New York will always hold a very special place in my heart.  But I also understand how easy it is to hate this city at times. It can be filthy, expensive, exhausting and leave you feeling sad and alone.  I surveyed the Wellvyl team to find out what they love/hate about this city. Check out everyone’s responses below, including my own!


Hate: how everything is so damn expensive and how I live pay check to paycheck

Love: the diversity

- Amy



Love: constant hustle of the city. Everyone is always on the move and ready to go.

- Amanda


Hate: how unreliable the MTA can be

Love: the energy & the fact that there’s always something to do

- Megan


Hate: the overcrowded neighborhoods

Love: the culture that NY brings.

- Krista


Hate: how brutal and unforgiving this fucking city can be! I’ve decided that New York and I have been in a committed relationship these past two years, but we’ve recently broken up to take time and work through our differences.

Love: the culture and creative liberty of New York!

- Oli


Hate: the attitude of NYC, but it is also a love-hate thing because I love the attitude and spirit too.

Love: being able to reach out to people in a moment’s notice. I miss the subway and everyday grit of the city.

- Mr. Hip


Hate: the cost of living

Love: the diversity this city has to offer

- Crissy


Hate: that in order to afford all the exceptional things this city has to offer, you have to work all the time – but then you don’t have time to enjoy all this city has to offer!

Love: that there is always something unique and exciting to do



I love all the people in NY, but at times I hate it.  I have a job that is on 52 and Broadway and two nights a week I have to hustle to make it to Penn Station going through a sea of humans and traffic.  I love that people are having fun, enjoying life and being in each other's company but it puts me in a horrible mood trying to navigate the crowd. I love and hate the weather. Fall in NY is my favorite ever! I really enjoy being in nature then but winter in NY is awful.  I am originally from the South when it snows there everything shuts down. Here we have to be in it and it makes me miserable! I love and hate the freedom. I love that everyone can be themselves and there is an unspoken "live and let live" no judgment mentality but I also feel people should be more mindful and respectful.  We could smile, say hello and hold doors more. Courtesy goes a long way.

- Natalie


There you have it, we all hate AND love this city.  This city takes a lot out of you – but we all continue to stick around for a reason.  It’s a city with so much going on that often puts our personalities to the test, ultimately helping us to learn more about our own characters and each other.  Next time you’re thinking about the reasons you hate this city – just remember all the reasons why you love it too!