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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Boo!! Halloween is the year’s most playful holiday and it will be here sooner than a voracious zombie hyped up on Redbull. That, my friend, is scary.

For the strapped for time and strapped for cash New Yorker to embrace the fun head on, here are some costumes that are effortless and minimalist:


Adam / Eve

Wearing just your birthday suit and a fig leaf or (leaves) strategically situated on certain areas, this Biblically-inspired costume is not only is bank account-friendly but celebrates your body as an expression of Divine creation.



Harking back to the times of Imperial Rome, this costumes only requires that you unmake your bed. Whatever ruckus you find yourself in on the evening of October 31st, make sure to employ the practicality of Roman Stoicism and secure the costume’s corners with safety pins, lest you lose the bed sheet you have swaddled yourself in.



Take your appreciation for locally grown produce to the next level by honoring the farmers who work hard to cultivate the natural goodness you enjoy. Get out your everyday denim jeans and pick up a $2 straw hat from Party City. Be ready to swipe your MetroCard and head to Brooklyn to borrow one of many flannel shirts that belong to your best Hipster friend.    



Your time and energy are sure to live long and prosper with the futuristic minimalism of this cosplay attire. If you have a blue long-sleeved shirt, don this officially licensed Star Trek Command Badge on your left chest, and boldly go where no Halloweener has gone before.    


Arthur Dent  from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Repurpose your bathrobe and comfortably Trick or Treat as Arthur Dent, the hapless British protagonist who narrowly escapes Earth’s destruction as it is demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass. You may not be traversing to the far end of the galaxy for a cup of tea but when romping around the city, those extra wide bathrobe pockets allows you to help out your fellow Trick or Treaters by holding on to their phones or keys in case they’ve consumed one too many Halloween cocktails.    


Pumpkin Pie

Sport your enthusiasm for the season’s tastiest pastry with this extra effortless costume. Find an orange T-shirt and with a black Sharpie pen, write the Pi symbol of the front. Short, sweet, and no Math required.


Bulletin Board

Working late at the office on Halloween does not mean you can’t celebrate in spirit. Take a Post-It Notes pad and stick a few adhesive neon colored reminders on yourself. Appropriating office supplies has never been this fun.


No matter how much or how little effort or thought we put into our costume, dressing up for Halloween is something that is sure to benefit everyone’s wellbeing. It allows us to step out of our ordinary grind as well as gives us a break from taking ourselves too seriously. Dressed ridiculously and celebrating the “scariest day of the year” together helps remind us that our lives are better with a dose of playfulness. Trick or Treat, y’all.