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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Please, Can I Get a Puppy?

Sometimes when I am feeling down, I wish that there was a place I where I can roll around with puppies.  Puppies have a magical power of making me feel better. They’re cute, sweet and cuddly. Unfortunately, I do not have the time or resources to get my own dog at the moment.  And I’m tired of being that creepy person lingering at the dog park without a dog of my own. Lucky for me and other NYC dog lovers, we now have a place to go to play with dogs when we are feeling down or simply long for the feeling you get when scratching a dog’s tummy.   For an annual fee of $25, you can become part of the Biscuits & Bath “Buddy Program” and stop by to play with the boarded dogs whenever you desire (during normal business hours, of course!). It may be the next best thing if you wish you had a dog but can’t afford one, or if you live in a no-pet building.


Become a Puppy Buddy

As someone who recently went through the process, I can tell you that joining the Biscuits & Bath Buddy Program is not too time-consuming or challenging.  First, I went to the website, cited above, to fill out an application which included a request for three references. I was contacted approximately one week later to go on an interview at the 41 W 13th Street location in Manhattan.  I was asked a few questions about my experience and history with dogs, received oral instructions for how to interact with the dogs, and was handed a trusty referral guide for additional information on being a Buddy.  Once approved, I paid $25, received a photo ID, and an adorable Buddy T-shirt. Within a half hour, I was playing with adorable pups and forgetting my stresses for the day. Your identification card and T-shirt permits you to access any of Biscuits & Bath’s 13 locations around Manhattan.    


Pet Therapy is Real

It turns out that the happy, comforting feeling you get when petting a dog is not something you imagined.  Studies show that spending time with a dog actually increases the level of the hormone oxytocin in both the human and the dog. “Oxytocin” is sometimes referred to as the "love hormone," because of levels of oxytocin increase during hugging and orgasm. The hormone may also have benefits as a treatment for a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, and intestinal problems. Oxytocin has both physical and psychological effects, including influencing social behavior and emotion. Moreover, research shows that petting a dog may also decrease the stress hormone cortisolRecent research on human-dog interactions showed that talking to and petting a dog are accompanied by lower blood pressure in the person than human conversation!


Human Friends are Necessary Too!

Nevertheless, there’s no replacement for human connections and friendships.  While hanging out with dogs may be a good stand-in for the day, there’s no denying that friendships enrich your life and improve your health.  Good friends prevent loneliness, increase happiness and reduce stress. So, if your human pal if unavailable during your moment of loneliness, you may want to check out your nearest Biscuits & Bath!