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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Tired of staring at the pill bottles and prescription creams in your medicine cabinet? Or feeling guilty about all the ibuprofen you're cramming into your mouth on the daily?

Well, what the doctor ordered isn't the only way to go. Oftentimes, cures for common ailments are right in front of our faces.

By turning to holistic remedies to heal the imbalances that occur in our bodies, we can shift our minds away from the pharmaceutical culture in which we live. When we do this, we empower ourselves with knowledge and true health.

Read on to learn more!

What Are Holistic Remedies?

When you hear the term "holistic remedies" your mind may wander to the image of an old, leathered woman in tie-dyed yoga wear peddling incense outside of an art gallery.

But while incense is dope, holistic medicine really just refers to a method of healing that considers the whole body.

With that said, let's dive into some stellar holistic treatments for everyday issues that come along with being human.

1. Stop Foot Odor with Vodka

Ah, foot odor. Not only are you unpleasant, you're also horribly embarrassing!

Luckily, this one's an easy fix. Just pop out that old bottle of vodka your friend gave you three years ago but you never drank.

Dab a bit on a rag, and rub it on your feet. The alcohol content will kill the odor-causing bacteria and dry out the moisture in which it grows. Cheers!

2. Get Frisky for Stress Relief

Feeling stressed about life? It turns out that orgasms are effective holistic remedies.

Whether it's some sweet solo action (click here for tips) or partner play, sexual stimulation and release give us a nice oxytocin and endorphin boost. This helps to relieve stress and makes us feel downright great.

3. Clove Oil for Toothaches

Can't get to the dentist right away? Dab some clove oil for instant relief from tooth pain and some serious numbing action.

But make sure that you don't swallow too much, as this oil can irritate your stomach.

4. Use a Pencil to Reduce Headaches

If you find that you're having mad tension headaches, jaw clenching and grinding may be the culprit. In order to stop yourself from causing this tension subconsciously, use a pencil to create mindfulness.

Simply place the writing instrument lightly between your teeth. You will instantly notice when you have the impulse to clamp down- and you'll have the chance to stop it.

5. Marijuana for Nightmares

Nightmares are no joke, especially when derived from PTSD-related issues. To help calm these terrors, try weed.

Toking up before bed may help to interrupt the sleep cycle during the part where nightmares occur.

6. Acupuncture Can Heal Digestive Issues

Gas, inflammation, IBS, ulcers, and heartburn are nobody's favorite experiences. Thankfully, a dozen tiny needles can do the trick.

If not all is well down under, head to your nearest trusted acupuncturist for some serious digestive healing. Your gut will thank you!

Don't Be Scared to Ditch the Doc

In our pill-popping society, a medical approach that focuses on holistic remedies can be quite the shift in mindset. But if you open up to these possibilities, you'll find that this approach can be nothing less than miraculous.

Don't be scared to look beyond your medicine cabinet for relief. An instant cure could simply be a vibrator away...