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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

New York is fun and exhilarating.  But it’s also exhausting, and sometimes if you take this city too personally – you’ll get lost in a sea of misery.  And luckily for most of us, we’re often times just too busy to care about the little moments of negativity. So sometimes the healthiest way to deal with these types of situations is to just say “Fuck It!” and move on! I surveyed the Wellvyl team to find out when they were in an overwhelming NYC situation and had no choice but to think "Fuck It!". Check out everyone’s responses below, including my own!


There have been quite a few times I've had to say fuck it but two huge ones were apartment related. I've unfortunately dealt with 2 very toxic and unsafe living environments and had to get out quickly. The first time was about 4 years ago I was on the verge of eviction and had to just make a choice to say fuck it- pack my shit put it in storage and stay with family for a bit. The second time was more recent, and I had a great standing with the building and a beautiful apartment. But unfortunately, my roommate put me in a very unsafe situation and It was between one of us to leave. Not wanting to be stuck with a 2-bedroom apartment without the means to pay it on my own, I said FUCK IT packed my shit and moved out. I couldn't find any apartments in my budget, so I had to once again say fuck it, move into an expensive apartment and figure it out later. And I did figure it out and happily loving the place I live.



  • Amanda


Living in NYC was at first VERY overwhelming for me as it was my first time being on my own and I didn’t have all my friends here with me! I live super far from everything too so when I would want to do something or would have friends to hang out with it took me about an hour to get anywhere even near them. A specific time I had to say fuck it that really stands out in my brain right now is kind of a funny story but basically I started going on tinder to try and get tinder guys to "take me on dates" to do the things I wanted to do in NYC but was too scared to go do alone lol and this one time the date was going HORRIBLY and I was full of regrets and sadness that the cool bar I wanted to check out was being ruined by this irritating man so I said fuck it, I called my sister to pretend to be my angry roommate that was demanding I needed to go home immediately, and it worked I got to leave the bar and I went back home and watched a midsummer night’s dream and did a face mask and stayed in my room and got SLEEP and also time by myself and have since been able to go do things on my own because fuck it! so much pressure comes with living in NYC to go places and see things and be a city person and sometimes we need to remember that things stop being fun when they are forced and alone time is important and you get a lot less overwhelmed when you take time for yourself and don’t put the value of your time/experiences into the hands of strange men!!!  and that fomo guilt is real but also life is still there the bar is still there I was able to go with my friends when I really wanted too a few nights later and it was so much better like there is such pressure to go go go all the time and that to me is what gets overwhelming



  • Gabby Mancuso


Yes, and it deals with MTA. I remembered being on the train and as usual, it was delayed and crowded. I was on my way to work and I was sitting down. Next thing I know this woman throws up in her scarf and some of it landed on my bag. It was at that point I was like fuck it I need to stop taking MTA



  • Krista


Yes - quite often.  It’s usually after random/small things like if it’s super hot outside and I’m waiting for the subway as I melt in 100degreese weather with 200% humidity with a heavy backpack and then the train gets stuck and I’m late to a meeting and can’t text/call because there’s no service and the smallest thing can be a trigger at that point; like a rude person on the street, an annoying email from a coworker, a notice that you’re late in paying your phone bill. Etc.



  • Naz


I remember one day I was so overwhelmed with commuting and living a “normal life” in NYC. My mind was all over the place with where I had to be at this time and how long it was going to take to get there and how much it would cost to get there! It was so much! Too much! So I said, “fuck it!” and just chilled at the park and threw away all of my plans for the day :man-shrugging.



  • Oli


I was on the Upper West Side walking home from school when a man approached me and blew air on my cheek.  I screamed loudly but he walked away questioning why I would scream (as if I was the strange one!). There wasn’t much I could do at that time, so I let it go and continued walking home!  



  • Lauren

I live in NJ, but there are times that I didn't have money like that to always pay 2/75 for a subway ride. So I would prepare my day with walking in mind. One time I walked from Harlem to the Bowery area. took about 2 hours.



  • Chioma


Times when I’m running late for an important meeting or event & am that crazy person running down the street, I’ve even have had to do it in heels before lol



  • Megan


After much thought. The MTA really frustrates me to the point where I want to move, running late after leaving early to buy time is beyond frustrating and a common theme for commuters. I love this city though so I try to avoid MTA unless it’s absolutely necessary



  • Crissy


According to Richard Carlson's book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and It's All Small Stuff, it’s important to just let certain moments pass on their own, “When you’re in an ill mood, learn to pass it off as simply that: an unavoidable human condition that will pass with time, if you leave it alone. A low mood is not the time to analyze your life.”  And next time you’re having a New York moment, just keep in mind that you’re not the only one!