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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Ever since Tom and Donna taught us to “Treat yo self” there seems to be a craze towards self-care.  I’m not condoning to take it to Tom and Donna’s level of extreme; spending lavish amounts of money doing whatever you want one day out of the year (although that doesn’t sound too shabby). I am saying that it’s OK to treat ourselves and be selfish routinely.  In fact, it’s more than OK. It’s what we actually need to not only survive but thrive.


Stress is a bitch and a bully.  It gives us acne, makes us irritable, steals our joy and makes us feel less than.  In a world where everyone has to have multiple unofficial grinds to stay afloat, stress seems to be a byproduct of our society. In fact, it seems that stress is seen as a badge of honor.  If you’re not on the utmost level, going the fastest, sleeping the least, then you’re not doing it right. Right? WRONG! To thrive beyond surviving we have to take time for ourselves to rejuvenate and replenish.  This is not always easy. Especially for those who are in a fast pace world or those who hold obligations to multiple people. Below are a few things to do throughout your day to feed your selfishness and give you more of a realistic balance in this never-ending face paced rat race of NYC.


Indulge in that yoga, spin, or exercise class, exercise class...

Working out gives us endorphins and endorphins aid us in feeling happier and more balanced in life.  Sometimes, especially in the city, it can be costly to join that class that we want. Treat yo’ self and do it!  Groupon always has a good deal for something and there are many awesome meetups to get your body moving (check out what we have to offer in the Wellvyl community).  Indulging in yourself by taking care of yourself has bountiful gains.


Take a Moment to Massage  

NYC AKA the place where you can get a bomb ass massage at a reasonable price.  Massages were not meant to be an indulgent, upper class, thing. If you research eastern medicine, you’ll see that messages are actually apart of a regular health regime.  When we have stress or trauma that energy stays in us unless released. This tension usually translates to stiff bodies and ultimately bigger health issues. This is why in many Asian countries to this day you see massages as a staple to health.  Taking an hour once a month to get some of those kinks out on a regular basis is amazingly restorative, even if some see it as indulgent and selfish.


Just Say ‘No’ to that invite

There is nothing wrong with choosing to be a homebody from time to time.  This city always presents an opportunity to move and shake. There are a million things to get into and a million more people who want you to join in the fun.  You should be social, go out and have a good time but that can take a toll on you mentally, spiritually, and physically. Ensure that you are purposefully giving yourself some quiet rejuvenation time.  Time to be alone with your thoughts enjoy a nice Netflix binge, or my favorite have a date with a glass of wine (or two) and a bathtub.


And lastly not as serious but definitely as real


For not paying for every ‘showtime’

I know this one is a bit silly but it is also very true.  Sometimes our days in this city are long, hard, and kick our butts.  It’s everything for us to get into the safety of our apartment walls without bursting out crying or hitting something. So when we are in a mood or having a moment and get overstimulated by music, dancing, or loudness, in general, it is ok to not be ok.  This is a battle I have had to personally fight- maybe it’s the southern in me, maybe it’s the connection with the people that are usually entertaining, regardless I’ve had to learn it’s ok to not dig into my pocket. It’s ok to just muster up a smile or a hand clap and go back to protecting soul so I can make it home to settle down from the day.


The best thing about these things is you don’t have to pick one day to treat yo’self.  You should embrace selfishness and the art of self-care as often as possible. Commit to 6 months of the above and see the difference in how you are able to show up for yourself and others.