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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Have you heard of Glossier?  Chances are if you have ridden any subway in the past few months you’ve seen it.  The ads usually feature a close up of a product, like a boy brow a cult classic, or a beautifully fresh dewy face. Glossier’s makeup screams that it’s our own unique beauty that should be embraced.  The products just help to nourish and enhance. Being a person who always wanted to find that “no makeup” look in my makeup (ironic, I know) Glossier seemed right up my alley to try. (Plus literally, all my friends were speaking about the glory of glossier, their makeup and self-love.


So there is only one Glossier store (minus a pop up in LA), the majority of sales for this product happen online.  Lucky for us, we live in the city where if you’re going to have one store you want it to be here. As I am sure you can guess there was a line to get it.  Of course, my NYC defenses go up and I first begin to tell myself how I don’t want to wait in a line, yadda, yadda, yadda, then I was greeted by a beautician of Glossier.  Listen, the day was hot, the sun was beating and they were out there with us… and wearing these think (but cute) overalls. With a smile on her face, she offered me some fresh cool rose water to spritz in my face as I waited.  Well, that spritz was magical because the next thing I knew I was being escorted on an elevator and the doors opened to what I first thought was heaven.


Enter scene: the elevator doors open, a fresh flow of AC hits you (thank God!) and all I see is a clean crisp room with a buzz of excitement and smiling faces. Is this how makeup shopping should be?  I’ve always been a little intimidated by makeup stores and as it looked like everyone was in a conversation I went to the front desk. I was quickly linked up with my new Glossier guide (and soon to be ride or die in the makeup world) Ernest.  I have been waiting for this moment and wanted a full revamp.


I quickly gave Ernest the rundown of my face and what I’m looking for and then we started playing.  From phase one products (face washes, etc.) to makeup Ernest patiently helped me try different products, laughed with me, and also watched my purse. (Literally, there was a point where he was like, “you are excited and overwhelmed because this is your first time. Get the basics, figure out what works and come back”.  Say what?! (Nod of thanks for a company that doesn’t just push products for profit.) As we were ending our session I looked around and noted that it felt more like a kickback than a makeup store. People were laughing, moving to the music, and having general merriment. I even ran into an old friend who moved out of the city about a year ago.  Ernest just gave me a knowing smile.


Friends, when I tell you this makeup gave me life would be an understatement.  Glossier has a firm belief that makeup should represent real people in real life.  Through their products, they aim not to cover up to but enhance out. They also emphasize health, particularly the health of the skin.  I purchase their super pure serum and already I’ve been seeing a clearer, calmer face. With makeup products such as “skin tint” and “cloud paint,” your face is kissed by the products allowing your uniqueness to shine.  Another great thing, their products are affordable. I literally purchased the same amount of products I get at my usual spots and spent half the amount, without the sacrifice of product.


I know that I now believe in the hype.  I am excited to continue to support this beauty line that is being bold enough to step out of the box of traditional makeup and shout self-love.  So when you find your favorite face wash or makeup running low step into yourself by making your way to Glossier.