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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Let's kick the year off right!

In the New Year, we all want to improve our physical health. Join us for a 2-Week Sugar Detox Challenge. Yes, it sounds like an impossible challenge. But we will have better energy, clearer skin, lose weight, and boost our self-esteem. You may feel grumpy for the first couple days, but we are with you! Invite a friend, and engage with us on social media.

Starting this Wednesday, January 2nd through January 16th.

The 2-Week Sugar Detox Challenge:  

To participate we ask that you follow the following meal guide:

During the two-week challenge, we ask that you avoid eating anything with artificial flavors and/or added sugar.

For the first three days, you are to cut fruit, dairy, and grains completely out of your diet. As we stated, this may be difficult for some, but we are not searching for perfection, only honest participation.  

Through day 4-7, you are able to add one piece of fruit, and one one dairy product to your meal plan. Please refrain from eating starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes, and carrots.

Through the last week feel free to add two dairy portions and one serving of berries to your meal plan. By now your body should have adjusted and the diet may not seem as difficult as it did in the beginning.

If you need more information or tips on how to construct your meals throughout the week, please feel free to check out the guideline on Pop Sugar:

Create an Online Community:

If participating we ask that you actively create content about your experience. Content should be posted to your Instagram gallery and/or story and should have the Wellvyl Instagram profile tagged. Content can consist of any of the following:

-Videos/photos of your meals  

-updates on your day to day challenges

-High and lows of your experiences

-Encouragement of fellow participants

-Updates on your overall health (physical/mental/spiritual)

-Tips on how others can participate

-Meal plan outlines

Please use the following hashtags when posting on social media