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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

I am a huge firm believer that when a job culture takes care of the wellness of its employees, the company can run successfully. Some startups offer more perks in order to attract employees that would eventually grow with a company long-term. However, sometimes there are some businesses that are known to choose dollars over people. Not to discredit the wonderful doctors that really do care about their patients, the healthcare industry is still a business. In my personal opinion, I find that they really DO NOT have your best interest at heart. I lost a few relatives due to medical malpractice and drug complications. Over time, it made me lost faith in the healthcare industry.

I strongly believe that this needs to change and we need to be very aware of our wellness for not just our professional lives, but also our personal, everyday lives. If we (patients and the healthcare system) can focus on putting our wellness as a priority, then the majority of ailments will not be as prevalent as it is now. Let’s take a look at a few examples. A whopping 86% of diseases are derived from chronic and lifestyle-driven choices; in other words, it’s lifestyle modifiable and yes, the common disclaimer of the sedentary lifestyle filled with junk food is the root of the ailments Americans, if not globally faces.

There are millions of Americans undergoing chemotherapy that would have greatly benefited from preventative and holistic treatments. The healthcare industry often traps patients into temporary fixes with endless pill prescriptions for these types of complex long-term problems. If you look at it as a business perspective, failure to establish a meaningful job culture for employees and you look at heavy turnovers, inconsistent workflow and unhappy employees who hate working at their employers also ultimately would cause a business to fail. In other words, these are all recipes of disaster that greatly impact our mental stability. I always asked myself, when will we have a revolution this time in healthcare? Who is not truly sick of tired of people in high positions choosing money over changing lives? Business over meaningful relationships. The list goes on.

However, there are always people in every opportunity that wants a revolution for a better world.

I had the wonderful pleasure of going to Northside Innovation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and attend the Wellness as a Key Business Strategy panel with Dr. Robin Berzin, MD, founder and CEO of Parsley Health and Freelance Editor, Lauren Covello. After hearing about Dr. Berzin’s personal experience of being trained in functional medicine with the Institute for Functional Medicine (plus the superadded bonus that she is Summa Cum laude at the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League), went to Columbia School for Medical school and trained at Mount Sinai Hospital for Internal Medicine), she convinced me and helped me reconsider my initial thinkings of the medical field/healthcare as a whole as she challenges the business practice with her company.

Meditation overmedication Berzin paraphrases about how Parsley Health is currently the only medical practice with a whole body approach to long-term health and believes that we people deserve functional health to be accessible to everyone through better services and smart technology of which the company offers advanced diagnostic testing, whole-body treatments and trained doctors in nutrition, exercise and in-depth advanced diagnostics to really know what is going on with you. Parsley was created to offer functional and holistic options for advanced primary care in order to resolve the high percentages of chronic disease and also help people get off of chronic medications so they can live the healthiest and best lives everywhere.

She also talks about how Parsley teaches you about yourself through testing, such as looking at genomics, microbiome, hormones and toxins to see if you might have stuff going on such as an autoimmune problem, a hormone imbalance, cardiovascular or blood sugar problem, a GI problem or even a mental health issue such as fatigue, or anxiety or depression. Plus, your mindset can impact your health, which we also wrote an article about this

Parsley Health follows a membership model and can be covered by insurance and patients will get experienced doctors in functional medicine that will get to know you (eg. your past history, family history, current lifestyle, environment and much more.)  over time for 10 visits a year and you get a personal health coach as well. Although the panel really gave a general overview of Parsley Health as a company and plans of expansion (I asked if they hopefully can consider Latin America & Caribbean and other nations outside of America since their healthcare could definitely use more functional options.

Parsley Health may pioneer a future change of how we should be treated as patients and how healthcare should be run, given that we deserve our health care treatment to be individualized instead of being administered a hefty number of pills that make us reliant on them.  (At Wellvyl, its stressful and we try to incorporate wholesome solutions for not just wellness ideas in NYC, but ways to de-stress, especially unconventional, which we wrote about CBD and stress with this article here.)

Or having doctors to only see us for less than 15 minutes to administer the prescriptions to these pills. For one, Parsley Health is a gamechanger in the healthcare game and we all should implement wellness in our businesses. With wellness as a key business strategy, it can truly transform not just the healthcare industry, but all industries as health connect to our wealth. Nonetheless, we all can use a lot of “parsley” in our everyday lives, functional healthcare that is.  

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