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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

The warm weather has finally arrived in New York City. This means social lives are about to receive a welcomed spike. From BBQs in Prospect Park to Friday Nights at the Moma to rooftop cocktail sipping, it's all about to go down. But for many, a socially good time is preferred inside, often at their own home. For those who have little taste for crowds or a night of Uber riding, there is the classic dinner party. But it's 2018. New York is more colorful and benevolent than ever. So if you're going to entertain, cheddar atop crackers and Riesling will not cut it.

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We suggest taking a page from artist and chef DeVonn Francis, who throws dinner parties that fuse his kitchen skills and Jamaican heritage to create a culinary performance experience. Last summer he launched his media and event company by hosting friends and family for an intimate dining experience like none other. Francis, a Jamaican queer, wanted to offer some of his favorite people

1. A literal taste of his heritage, and 2. A reminder that "it's amazing to be yourself."

Read about Francis' uber fab dinner here. Maybe it will inspire your next dinner party.