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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Imagine you had it all.  Working in an industry that you’re passionate about, office with a few, financially free, then it happens.  Life is filled with a lot of “it happens”. Moments that completely change our path and shake us to the core.  After this, we are presented with a choice. We decided to make lemons out of lemonade or not.  


Nikki, the creator of A Log Cabin in Brooklyn, definitely rolled her sleeves up and made lemonade when her “it happened moment came.”  Her Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in early 2013. Understanding this degenerative disease, she knew she had to change how she was working. Through a series of  Now she still follows her passion (fashion) but through making and selling her own jewelry and collaborating with other like-minded stylists. 10% of all her sales go to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.  Pretty dope.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Nikki about her business and what keeps her going.  This New York native also has some advice on how we continue to feed ourselves in this city of hustling dreams.  


Natalie: “A Log Cabin in Brooklyn” is such an interesting name. How did you come up with it?

Nikki: I was on the phone with my friend one day and I had HAD it.  There was so much pressure with taking care of my Mom I just felt like I was becoming isolated. I yelled to my friend I FEEL LIKE I”M IN A LOG CABIN- isolated and alone. Then as I began to create my business it came to me, A Log Cabin in Brooklyn.


Tell us a little about the connection to Alzheimer's.

10% of every purchase goes to raise awareness to the Alzheimer's disease.  This is what my mother was diagnosed with. Whenever you talk to people about it they’re like “oh that’s that disease when you forget things” but it’s so much more than that.  This is a degenerative disease. You slowly start to lose awareness and freedom. My Mom used to be so independent then she lost her driving privileges, she burned SO MANY pots because she forgot the stove was on. It’s a lot you watch a loved one regress into a childlike state.  I want to raise awareness to this and help find a cure.


What things to do sell on your site and how do you connect with others?

I make jewelry that I sell on the site. I actually started a jewelry making with Mom.  I have a degree in fashion so I had made jewelry before but it seemed this was the one thing that calmed her.  It’s hard when you have Alzheimer's because you’re slowly losing your freedom and everything you used to know. I would have Mom involved in everything.  We would volunteer, swim, you name it. She was really into the jewelry so that’s when it started to come together to actually make it a business. I also sell things that are curated by others.  I honestly connect with them a lot through social media. I’ll go on Instagram and hashtag something I like or something that resonates with me and see who pops up. Then it’s just a simple DM. I actually have gotten a lot of collaborators that way.


Yea, it’s cool how social media can currently attract so many like-minded people, thank God for social media!

Yeah but you have to be careful with it too. I give myself lots of mental breaks from it.  I love it but people’s Instagrams are too much sometimes. No one is that perfect.


I know, there is a lot of hustle in our city especially to show up and be this polished version of yourself.  That is actually something we are aiming to break at Wellvyl. We know that life is, well life and sh*t happens all the time so how do we show up authentically during that. So you’re a native New Yorker.

Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised.


Yes! What advice do you have for New Yorkers who are in a space of “that just happened” and need to up their hustle or navigate the path of their life? You did it so gracefully.

I would let them know the hustle here is hard, like really hard.  It’s also doable. In order to do it, you have to figure out what you need and take care of yourself. Know your triggers, when you’re starting to feel depressed so you can stay on top of it.  Life is ever changing and you can evolve with it. Just stay open and remember to reach out for what you need.


Check out more of Nikki’s story and work at A Log Cabin in Brooklyn and check out her Instagram @alogcabininbrooklyn