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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

If you’re an entrepreneur you know how important it is to be surrounded by like-minded hustlers. In a constant pursuit of growing your brand and sharing your gift with the world, the modern day entrepreneur can find themselves lost in the shuffle. With social media, we find more opportunity to share our work with the world yet in the re-post and pics we take for the ‘gram comes at a price. In a way, we are losing the special connection that comes when artist collectively collaborates.  What happened to the human? 
One of the best parts of The Arts is that they help humans to express and connect.  Not to say that this can't happen via technology but there is something about shaking someone's hand, looking them in the eyes, sharing a laugh that solidifies this connection.  It reminds us that we are in a community. It affirms that others are also "putting themselves out there", as one artist at the exposition described the experience.
That made me start to think, what does it mean to "put yourself out there"?  Yes, it means vulnerability and presence but I also think it means to influence and create community.

Raw Artist

This is what the experience felt like at The Raw Artist Exposition in Queens. There is a certain magic that happens when artists come together. Connections around a creative energy propel people. Raw Artists is a global collective that has a mission to support local artists.  This organization is supported by expos that they have throughout the world (70 cities internationally) on a bi-monthly base.  An artist who is in their first 10 years of business have access to this platform and share (and sell) their work as well as collaborate.
Their mission is for artists to be seen, heard and loved.
As a "behind the scenes bystander" at the latest showcase in Queens, I was able to see this magic first hand.   The mission of the organization already seemed too good to be true but once I saw the night come together I was able to truly see the magic that happens when people collaborate with open minds and souls.  Once the show began the event was filled with a positive respectful vibe.  People were engaging in conversation, art, and expression.  There were performances, fashion shows, and art mediums of all kinds.   Along with the respectful atmosphere, there was a feeling of empowerment and support among the artists sharing their works.
This event is definitely something to check out and even be a part of. (Or hey, maybe a first date)   We all have an expressive outlet let's use it!  Check out their website for the next gathering.
Check out Raw shows here.