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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Every St. Patrick’s Day, the country celebrates being Irish. Subsequently, this is usually one of the biggest hangover days of the year. We drink alcohol until we cannot drink anymore. St. Paddy’s day is one of the biggest celebrated events throughout the world.

Instead of the usual, let’s get wasted attitude for St. Patrick’s Day this year, here are a few ways to have some memorable, hip, and stress-free fun. So get your shamrocks and green outfits ready. Let’s forego the public drunkenness this year for some alternative ways of health, wealth (because not drinking saves money), and prosperity.


Some of us start every day off with a green smoothie, St. Patrick’s Day is no different. If you are an avid fan of the green smoothie, be sure to mix up those greens. If you’ve been using kale a lot, switch it up with some spinach or chard.

If you’ve never made a green smoothie before, check out this recipe. The secret ingredient to a tasty green smoothie is always nut butter. If you have a nut allergy, try making celery juice. You won’t regret it.


Yum. These smell awesome. With the recent snow, these will be sure to warm up those small New York City apartments fresh out of the oven. Try topping this recipe off with food-grade rose petals just to add a small pinch of love. If you don’t have any edible rose petals available, a slight dab of berry jam will make these sweet enough to savor. Try making these for a significant other and they will love you forever.

For a plant-based recipe, be sure to swap out the butter and milk for non-dairy versions.


Check out this dope trio act. After winning Irish Album of the Year from Choice Music Prize, they have been putting Irish rap on the world map.  I can’t stop tapping my feet and slapping my knee jamming out to these tunes. My favorite track of theirs is “Lights On”. Reminds me of an Eve and Busta Rhymes track from the hay-days of hip-hop.

Or feel free to check out NYMag’s Top 5 Irish-Music Venues. I’m sure they will have the jams bumping in full effect on Saturday: 

Let me know what your favorite Rusangano Family song is after checking them out here.


For all my gluten-intolerant friends, try this gluten-free Irish Soda Bread recipe:

This is quick, cheap, and fun to make. Call a few friends over and pair this with some ginger-kombucha, and let the party begin. Try Pilot Kombucha if you can. It’s made right here in NYC by Alexandra Ingalls. She once told me it’s the best hangover cure. If your roommate stumbles in from celebrating St. Paddy’s Day too hard, they will thank you in the morning.


Green beauty isn’t mentioned here just for the color. As an animal-friendly person, I love when my beauty care products do not harm animals. Green beauty is sustainable and environmentally friendly. When our beauty products are eco-friendly, they not only look good, but make us feel good. Hate to be cliche, but cucumbers are such a versatile fruit. Pair these with some aloe vera masks and enjoy the day listening to the tunes of Rusangano Family, your new favorite Irish hip-hop group.

Try creator of D.I.D. Nail Paint, Adrienne Banks’ nail polish in the Eden color. Ladies, you’ll thank me later. You’ll be celebrating the day Christianity came to Ireland in the best way possible. I promise you that your nails will have that green-beauty glow.


Erin Kurdyla at has some interesting exercises to maximize endorphins for St. Patrick’s Day. After chatting with Irish trainer and fitness guru, Sara Hayley, these workout moves titled The Shamrock Shuffle and Pot of Gold Jumps, will help you forget all about not drinking. Who said sober had to be boring?

Call over a few of your friends and get the workout party started. You can lure them in with the pistachio pudding cupcakes and the Irish soda bread. The “Kiss Me, I’m Irish Lunges” are a sure way to burn off all those calories from these St. Paddy Day treats.

Step out into a lunge with the right leg. Push off the floor, and kiss your feet in the air, as you switch your legs to land with the left in front. From the left lunge push off again to kiss feet and switch. Repeat 6-8 times. (


I am a poet at heart. One of my favorite poets just happens to be Irish. Is it Brendan Behan? Is it W.B. Yeats? Could it be Seamus Heaney? What about Eavan Boland?

While it is one of these poets listed, be sure to kick back and enjoy some good reads from either of these poets. Hint: My top 10 favorite poem is “Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen."


This is the best day to end a day. I don’t know if I could start my day off with Restorative Yoga because that would mean that my day might not get better afterward. I would peak too early. With the many yoga studios in NYC, try the 3:00 PM class with Christine Malossi at Sacred Sound if you need a mid-day pick-me-up.

You can use this time to get ready for the Manifesting Joy and Pursuing Your Potential with Yoga Retreat in Mexico scheduled for March 31 through April 7th. Tickets are available here. Who wouldn’t want to join Whitney Tucker for a week in paradise at the Xinalani Retreat Center for a weeklong adventure with yoga, meditation, community, and nature?


Last but not least, go visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan. Not only is it a national historical landmark, it is a beautiful symbol of art and religion from the stained glass to the artworks to the altar. Don’t forget that the MOMA is just a few blocks away. That Tarsila do Amaral exhibit is a must see.


You may not want to spend most of your day inside especially since St. Patrick’s day falls on a Saturday this year. Instead, venture out into the city and enjoy the parade. It kicks off on Fifth Avenue at 11 AM this year. Since you’ll be celebrating this holiday the healthiest way imaginable, be sure to not make fun of those that might be inebriated before noon. Remember that everyone has a right to party their own way. There’s no judgment in the healthy, fun-zone club. When you are living your best life, social interactions and relationships make us whole. Be sure to share these activities with your loved ones and have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

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How are you celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day this year? Shoot me a DM on Twitter or Instagram at @Wellvyl_Mag. I would love to see the many ways that you celebrate wellness. Maybe I can include it in next year’s How to Party Differently on St. Patrick’s Day post.