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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

 Crystals, stones, and gems hold a significance that is worth our curiosity.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kiana Love, an experienced energy healer and founder of Be Wild Woman, about how the average New Yorker can start tapping into the healing properties of crystals.  

Kiana agrees that "the initial challenge of getting the public to even start conceptualizing crystal use lies in our ingrained material mentality." Meaning that we only regard something as viable if it renders quantifiable proof.

"The energy of crystals," according to Kiana, "operates more in the realm of subtlety, which traditional science has yet to devise methods of detection and measurement. The average Joe has often dismissed the validity of using crystals as legitimate healing modality because there is no “science” behind them, leaving the general public with the assumption that crystal healing is just a primitive vestige from a long gone tribal past. Thus, we tend to see crystals through a purely aesthetic lense."

However, energy is something that is felt. Crystals energy operates in this similar subtle fashion.       

Because it takes substantial pressure and millions of years of being embedded in the Earth’s crust to form, crystals contain potent energies. As well as an intelligent awareness that corresponds to our bodies, which are powerful energy fields. In the midst of technology, modern humans tend to have a disconnected relationship with nature, resulting in an overall energetic feeling of being all over the place, uncentered, and disconnected with one’s intuition.

Kiana states that crystals themselves are an invitation to pause and establish grounding. Crystal healing is meant to recalibrate our energies to the natural state of centered well-being.

As you embark on your first crystal adventure, it all starts with an open mind and a willingness to put away your smartphone for a few minutes of stillness.

clear healing crystal

Kiana advises the following:

Start with a clear quartz crystal.

There are 100’s of varieties of crystals, all ranging in colors and energetic properties and for a first timer, it can seem overwhelming. Kiana recommends the simple clear quartz, it works across the board for everyone to help connect and ground because it is less polished, and therefore more natural. The rich simplicity of this neutral crystal is often overlooked in favor of fancier looking ones. Yet it’s comparatively uncomplicated grid structure and appearance reminds us that the crystal is the ground itself and thus carries the Earth’s unadulterated energy. This crystal helps to amplify the Earth energy that is already present within ourselves.


Spend some quality time with your quartz crystal.

Kiana delightfully conveys that in order to access the capabilities of the chosen crystal, we should treat it not as a rock, but regard it as a friend. To build a personal connection with our crystal, we should start by simply gazing at it, holding it in our hand, and pausing to sit with it. In this stillness, take note of how it feels in your hand and what does it feels like to just be with it.   


Find Light and Develop Reverence.

Gazing at our crystal in the light, we can stop to think about how this natural phenomenon was formed. The crystal did not come into being for the sake of gaining likability or adornment appropriation. Kiana articulates that crystals demonstrate the aliveness that is present deep within the Earth. The fractal geometric arrangements of the chemical bonds that compose a crystal correspond to same mathematical patterns found in every scale of nature, from seashells, leaves, & cauliflower to even our human lungs.

Crystals remind us that the structure of the Earth exists within ourselves. Kiana explains that contemplating the processes that took place to configure the simple beauty of a crystal can harness and reawaken our energetic connection to the living ground that supports all creation, noting,”the pure grounding energy of a neutral quartz is an ally that helps us come back into the reverence of life,”. Encased within each crystal is a concentration of grounding energy - an invitation to pause, remember, and connect to the stabilizing effect of the Earth that is both present beneath your feet and within your body.  

It is without a doubt that the stress of our expeditious NYC lives can mercilessly jostle us to our core, being bereft of patience, vitality, and steadiness. When we choose to start healing this frantically disconnected part of ourselves, the better we can show up. By willing to pause and acknowledge our common energetic origins with these crystal phenomena,  we can become more mindful, conscious of the innate stability that has always existed within ourselves.