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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Let’s be honest, do you really feel good after spending an evening at a nightclub? Is getting home at 4 am after being jostled about by ill-behaved drunks on a dancefloor really worth it?

The Sweat Party is the brainchild of wellness professional and massage therapist Tim Grae.  The Sweat Party is the definition of what it means to 'party different' here at Wellvyl.

Tim Grae at a Sweat Party event in 2014Tim is passionate about bringing wellness to everyone, no matter your background. He believes that there should be no boundaries the prevent access to fitness and quality massage therapy. I had the opportunity to get to know Tim and to find out what makes The Sweat Party and his massage studio stand out here in New York City.

AMY: What is your background as a wellness and healthcare professional?

TIM: I started out in performance. I’m a singer-actor, dancer, and athlete. As a healthcare professional, I started doing massage therapy when I was 18 years old but left the study of it until I was 30 when I went back to get my degree as well as my personal training certification.

What motivated you to start the Sweat Party? What makes them different from other group fitness workouts?

It’s simple. The reason why the Sweat Party is different because we are the first. We are the first people to create the wellness health music and dance party in the USA, and the first to have DJs for live classes in New York City. My idea of the Sweat Party was my opportunity to teach people of all backgrounds, incomes, and access that she can work out to have a good time and to get fit.

The Wakanda edition of Tim Grae's Sweat PartyWhy do you think people of color are not getting information about living a healthy lifestyle?

People of color, in general, are always going to be disenfranchised because were not invited to the table to be part of the conversation. That’s the reason why I created the Sweat Party itself. To bring us all to the table.

One of your other projects is Grae Therapy. What is unique about your massage studio?

Grae Therapy is very very important to me because I come from an impoverished neighborhood like most people like me. I was still able to get an education and understood the need to be a leader in spreading the message to all of my community as well as help people from all walks of life.  

Grae Therapy is the only 24-hour massage therapy recovery company in the country. We specialize in the restorative care and we have over 25 years of experience in four modalities. You cannot get that quality for the price point we offer anywhere in New York.  

Mike of Wellvyl at The Sweat Party at Reebok Union Square

We cannot truly be socially well if only some have access to wellness modalities and others do not. It is Tim’s vision that all have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, that one’s socioeconomic status should never prevent anyone from taking care of themselves. Bringing wellness to the people inevitably creates a better, healthier city.