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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Remember that night we were out at the club? I do not exactly recall a concrete memory. It was all a bit hazy, dark, and jarringly loud. But yes, it was epic, an epic fail. My credit card, my social life, and my body did not fare so well despite the grandiose promises VIP bottle service offered to help my self-esteem. Also, the expectations of meeting new, interesting peeps.

This is what the cool kids do, right? Pop culture and hip-hop incessantly idealize rolling up into the clubs in expensive swagger, getting “crunk” in the VIP lounge. Popping bottles of Ciroc, chillin’ with all your best homies as a swarm of delicious eye candy flocks to your table.

However, as one who has worked in the nightlife industry in both Miami and NYC for many years, I can fully attest that nightclubs are an elaborate construction not meant to benefit you in the long-run. From what I witnessed, ballin’ out a nightclub weekend after weekend could never offer us anything short of shallow interactions and three-day hangovers.

These environments are set up to cater to the insatiable beast of our lower and impulsive natures. They perpetuate the illusion that a better life and better time lie a monstrous credit card transaction away.

They toxically screw our ego and body while deflating us of anything sustainable or meaningful. The satisfaction we might vaguely remember is as real as the leather of the VIP couches.   

Is it really worth spending our precious leisure time like this? How can we build a healthy social life or have enriching exchanges if you can hardly see or hear the person trying to shout over the blaring music?

If we are ones who strive to “know thyself”, create a better sense of wellbeing, and deepen interpersonal connections, how does patronizing a nightclub serve our overall personal and social wellness? It doesn’t.  


It is time we all revolutionize the way we mingle. Going out in NYC can be an opportunity to foster healthy relationships with others as well as ourselves. Wellvyl promotes and offers a wide variety of events, gathering, and activities aimed at creating positive social interactions as well as nourishing our mind, body, and soul. Wellvyl’s events are about being inclusive and welcoming of all backgrounds, all genders, and all fitness ranges. From sound bath meditations and gluten-free pizza making classes to SWEAT parties and self-empowerment workshops, we are more likely to not just meet, but form engaging and positive interactions with others. All done without breaking the bank or nursing a hangover.

Sub out the toxicity and exclusivity of the nightclub environment for healthy fun shit and see how your focus will shift from striving to inauthentically impress others and yourself, to improving the way you treat others.