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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

May the 4th is not only a salute to one of the best stories of all times (cue the Star Wars theme song) it is also a day to rejuvenate and renew.  National Renewal Day is all about new beginnings. Along the lines of “spring cleaning,” it’s a day dedicated to letting a fresh breeze of perspective hit you as we shake off the Winter Blues.  

Check out the following ideas to jumpstart your renewal the Wellvyl way.


Go for a nice bike ride, jog or walk in nature.  The mixture of healthy endorphins and sunshine will help you get a jump start! ( try the New Yorker’s meditation while you’re at it.)

Mind and Soul

Journaling is good for the mind a soul.  Take a few minutes (or hours) to take an assessment of how you are.  Write out your current joys and struggles as well as goals you have for yourself.  This clarity brings a fresh “can do” attitude to your mind and soul.


Picnics are awesome.  Grab some buddies and head outdoors to enjoy the Vitamin D we have all been lacking for so many months.

Any other tips? Let us know what you do to rejuvenate tag us on social media  #wellvyl_mag and remember to include #nationalrenewalday