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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Yoga, in its pure essence, is actually not about attaining perfect core abs or “feeling the burn” of working out. Rather, the core of Yoga is the practice of softening the chatter of the busy mind and burning away the distractions of the ego. Similarly, learning to be naked comfortably, without self-consciousness or self-criticism is a practice in and of itself.

The over inundation of social media posts and advertisements revealing individuals with “perfect”, chiseled bodies has unfortunately distorted our idea of Yoga as well as warped our conception of what “healthy” should look like. Further, our society has sexualized the naked body, thus polarizing its taboo and creating unhealthy expectations in our collective consciousness.
However, stripping ourselves from the shame caused by such misconceptions is the gateway to an inner liberation. In the city where anything is possible, the niche of naked Yoga has curiously taken root. Yes, co-ed group Yoga classes in the buff. Let that sink in for a moment.

[caption id="attachment_59930" align="alignleft" width="300"] ***MANDATORY BYLINE*** PIC FROM Rosie Rees / Caters News - (PICTURED: Some of the women in Rosies yoga class)[/caption]


Bold and Naked and Naked in Motion are NYC-based studios that proudly offer classes that welcome people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. You do not have to “be fit”, “look hot”, or “be good at Yoga” in order to attend class. Bold and Naked and Naked in Motion’s unique mission: practicing Yoga in your natural, naked form helps to enhance self-compassion, emotional intelligence, and body positivity.
In order to register for one of their naked Yoga classes, all participants must answer a few simple questions, such as “what is your comfort level of Yoga?” and “what would you like to get out of naked Yoga?”. Based on the answers, the studio staff carefully screen applicants to ensure that classes are free of pervs looking for a group orgy or dudes who just want to take a class in order to pick up women.
The number of students per class is capped to keep class sizes smaller, more private, and non-invasive to ensure that everyone has plenty of room to lengthen their limbs.



These classes are structured like any other yoga class that would be offered in the city. The only thing that is different is the absence of clothes, which renders a world of benefits:

1. No sweaty clothes to wash afterward.

2. Good for your skin.

Yoga postures not just move and stretch our bodies, they are meant to wring out toxins that are held within the tissue of our muscles and skin. Exploring these poses without garment restrictions improves the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce into the body.

3. Greater appreciation of yourself, just as you are.

The combination of a safe, welcoming environment paired with empathetic teachers with an outstanding degree of professionalism can empower you to understand your body not from a place of comparison or self-criticism, but as a source of wonder. Naked Yoga helps us to understand that the body is not meant to be perfect but meant to express infinite complexity. What we perceive as “imperfection” in our bodies is merely a result of societal conditioning that there is just “one” ideal body type. If we embrace the vast complexity of how our body works and forms these postural shapes, we will become less likely to evaluate others on a surface level. Perhaps we will understand that the other person is also struggling with their own bodies as we are with ours. This is all the more reason to extend kindness.

4. Purifies your mindset.
Naked Yoga compassionately deprograms us. It teaches that being naked does not mean being sexual. It about reconnecting with what is natural and authentic within yourself. Nudity, no pun intended, is about embodying truth- owning yourself, your past, your story, and your present.

5. Connection to nature.
We were not born wearing “fly swag”. We came into this world dressed in nothing and bearing everything. Our naked bodies are the closest thing we have to be in nature. Casting away the restrictions of clothes gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world through our very bodies. Without the interruption of our garments, we can let loose of our urbanized disconnect and become humbled. We can come to realize that nature is not something that is separate from us but intimately resides within us. Despite what we look like on a perceived, superficial level, the body is the unique structure that enshrines our deeper, inner essence.


More information about the photo:  - An Aussie yoga instructor is leading a nude revolution by holding classes with a difference everyone is completely NAKED. Rosie Rees started doing naked yoga in her own backyard after getting the idea when she moved in with a nudist, but now teaches hundreds of women to bare all and practice in the buff. The 30-year-old claims her uniquely intimate brand of yoga helps attendees relieve stress, develop positive body image and even improves their relationships and sex lives with partners by helping them embrace their imperfections. 


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