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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Ever since Kid Cudi and Kanye collaborated on Ye's courageous 808's & Heartbreaks album, the two have given Emo Rap–hip-hop music whose musical and lyrical agenda is the convey of vulnerable emotions–its own corner office within the culture. Since the 2008 opus, many a new artist joined the mission of providing an antithesis to the protected ego by bravado approach that the rapper was founded on. From Drake to Frank Ocean to even, Jay-Z, hip-hop artists saw the benefit of baring their souls to an audience of mostly carnivores. We have Cudi and West to thank for this. After a decade since their initial collab, the once-estranged friends and label mates have reconciled and reunited for a new EP, Kids See Ghosts, to remind the world that during a time when mental health is a prime conversation, emotional rap is needed more than ever.

The seven-song opus intends to be cathartic and therapeutic for artists and listeners. Cudi, who has always done a stellar job of articulating his personal angst and depression as well as America's Internet youth, is at the top of his game. Music aside, he's managed the whale of a feat in getting Kanye to humble himself in order to help treat himself. With Kanye's stock plummeting in 2018, there was no better time for him to reveal his ailments and exorcize his demons publicly. Ye' has his former (and most colorful) artist to thank for that. America can gain so much from this album.

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