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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Masturbation and Meditation: are they synonymous with manifesting?


Meditation and masturbation aren't paired together often, if at all. Ironically, meditation is about focus- as is masturbation. Meditation brings clarity. To the surprise of some, I would argue an orgasm brings a heightened level of clarity. Now some of you may still have an eyebrow raised, but hear me out. I believe in the power of manifestation. We create our reality based on our focus and intent. The clearer we are about what we want, combined with how open we are to receiving it and believing we truly deserve it; the quicker it becomes our reality.

I recently started masturbating, a few years ago to be exact. I used a toy, and then I realized how to do it with my hand. I noticed a lot through this process. For one, the release of control while still taking charge. Secondly, the focus it takes to get there. I don't watch porn. Ever. Why? That's a topic for another day. I prefer to recap sexual experiences or fantasies to get me where I want to go. It works every time. There's a sense of clarity after you get an orgasm out, similar to meditation.

Now, how does manifesting desires and goals play into this? I'll tell you. It happens right at your peak, right when you're about to release everything you built up, you visualize your deepest desire and let go. I’ve read that sexual energy is perfect for manifesting when utilized properly. So I got to practicing. Mind over matter, no? It may be hard at first, but if your desires are deeply rooted it should be rather orgasmic. Sexual energy is our entire body in unison, and masturbation is apart of self-love and discovery. Most tend to view sex as a solely physical release, never bothering to dig deeper than flesh, but thinking about it in a holistic way can help you break through. Utilizing this experience to help better manifest your reality is a rare yet valuable asset available to you. It only works if you see it that way. If you find meditation helpful, imagine what masturbation can do for you on this level of clarity.

Here are some tips that may help you visualize this process:

  • Set the tone, create a calm space for your session. Music can be calming... preferably choose song songs without lyrics to avoid distraction.
  • Have one specific goal in mind. Prior to your session allow yourself to be open. Accept the idea that this goal is attainable and worthy of becoming your reality. Opposing thoughts make it very hard to manifest. Doubters beware: negativity serves no purpose here.
  • Clear your mind. This is important. The only thoughts you should entertain during this process are your orgasmic triggers (past experiences or fantasies) and your single goal to be manifested.
  • Let loose. Physically, relax your body as you clear your mind. Practice tensing your muscles and releasing to ease into that relaxation.
  • At your peak, focus on how good it will feel to have your goal realized. As you release your heightened energy, keep that image in mind.
  • Focus on the feeling of gratitude of having obtained this goal.

This may be easy for some, harder for others. Above all keep this mantra in mind: mind over matter. Practice makes progress and progress makes perfect. Understand that manifestation works as fast as your belief in it. You know the doubts and obstacles you place yourself. Remove those first and foremost to allow what you deeply desire to come to you. Also, let time play its part in helping your manifestation. Some goals can happen overnight, some may take a little time. Trust your process.  

Feel free to let me know how this process works for you, and if you feel it isn't working, tell me where you think the holdup is. There are ways around everything. I would love to hear your feedback.

by The Lust Goddess