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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Dating while building an empire: Why you shouldn't exclude the business of pleasure

Building an empire is not for the weak, nor the complacent. It takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and determination. Many don't bother dating because of this. When they do, they tend to feel like, what's the point? It's a frustrating place to be when all of your focus is set on building your empire and somehow you can't seem to attract the type of person who really gets it.

Now I'm not here to give you tips on how to date. To each its own. However, I do want to at least remove the stigma that dating is impossible while pursuing your passion.

Can't mix business with pleasure? Well, what if your business brings you pleasure? What then? I'm all for mingling with like-minded individuals and as far as empire building, teamwork makes the dream work. But how do you find the ideal teammate? For one, don't expect a finished product as you're not only building your empire but yourself as well. We are all growing into who we are destined to be, so this does not mean to bank on potential. This is where many fuck up- they ask future based questions which in turn clouds the present  and complicates growing a genuine bond.

Dating while pursuing your dreams shouldn't feel like work. It shouldn't be something you force yourself to make time for. It should be organic, like your foundation. Yes, relationships take work, but if work doesn't feel like work because your passion makes it worthwhile, dating should be the same.

Here's a theory I have: many people are comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with building an empire. We accept that our goal is going to take time to manifest, and we continue to put the work in and allow time to play its part. Yet with people, we are the total opposite. We want certainty, security and instant gratification. We want our counterparts to be everything we need right now while we still work on ourselves. Especially when we have passions we are pursuing. That's not fair. It belittles who they are present day and what they can bring to our workshop table. It's also very limiting to what can actually blossom between two people who are both working on building themselves.

By no means am I condoning dating underachievers and complacent individuals. As a passion chaser? Nope. Dating and building a relationship with someone should be handled with the same attitude that we have towards our budding empire, as soon as we decide the compatibility is there.

Knowing yourself is key to identifying who is the most compatible companion. Being honest first and foremost about what you can give to another as well as what you require from someone you choose to be intimate with.

In our drive for success, we shouldn't have to put our desire for companionship to the side or write it off as something we "don't have time for" or a "distraction". We are human. As great as being alone and happy with ourselves can be, sharing your joy of the entrepreneurial journey with someone who understands, supports, and encourages your empire while building their own is an amazing experience.

We shouldn't have to choose one or the other, we can have it all if we are open enough to expand our mind beyond what we are taught, or have experienced in the past.

In building your empire, your focus is clear- apply your methods for your passion into your dating life, if you desire to mingle and build a relationship with another person.

Being single is perfectly fine as long as it's a healthy personal choice and not out of fear, or disappointment haunting you from past experiences. Don't be sca(red)* to play the field and find your ideal match if this is what you desire. Also, do not date simply to fill a void, it's not healthy and may very well be a reason you're not attracting the ideal types- but the illusionary versions of what you desire. The choice to be single is for self-exploration. Take it as seriously as your life's passion, observe the changes that come from it, and adjust accordingly. Your life will thank you for it.