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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

First off, the biggest question you might have is - What is gynecomastia? You may have heard of man boobs or moobs before. It is the swelling of the breast tissue in males caused by an imbalance of the estrogen and testosterone hormones.  

This can be challenging for boys in their puberty growing up while being teased and bullied for having feminine shapes as well as for men. Many men are beginning to look into have their enlarged tissue surgically removed due to the pressures that they may face for not having the ideal, male body image.

While surgery for gynecomastia is growing in places that have legalized marijuana, the question arises, are the two related? Reddit brings this conversation into reality with users. According to Eric Piannin writing for “The Cannabist,” Denver Post’s Marijuana section, cosmetic surgery for men is growing.

Piannin writes, “Some plastic surgeons say they have seen as much as a doubling or tripling of business over the past three years, despite the fairly hefty fees they charge – $4,500 to $8,000, costs that are generally not covered by health insurance.”

Cannabis Effect

According to the same article, “Marijuana is an estrogen stimulator, so it increases the relative effect that estrogen has on those tissues.” While Marijuana plays a key role, other prescription drugs can have these same adverse effects as well.

If you are a regular pot smoker, the dieting and exercise might not be as effective as surgery. One Reddit user mentions that before surgery, there is a lot of legwork that needs to be done. Prescreening is highly recommended.

But does marijuana influence the growth of large tissue in male breast area? The short answer is: Yes.

What You Can Do

As you read this, you might wonder what can I do? You don’t want to quit smoking, but you don’t want to look womanlike.

You can join a support group and engage in conversation with the gynecomastia thread on Reddit. If you are leaning towards surgery, they suggest doctors and associated fees. If you are wondering if you have gynecomastia, you can also post photos and have the community give you feedback if you don’t feel comfortable asking your physician at your next check up. 

The best advice would be to be proud of your body and love yourself. We all come in different shapes and sizes. We need to celebrate our bodies and what makes us unique. For those that have suffered from enlarged breast since childhood, it may be difficult to shake the teasing and hazing from childhood, but it is important to remember that there is no perfect body. The world is made up of imperfect bodies.

Be mindful that we are all different. You don’t have to have a brazen body because your body is already a temple. While male breast reductions are trending, you can follow the beat of your own drum and remember that you don’t have to change and conform to fit society’s beauty standards. Treat your body well and you’ll the reward will be priceless. Be better. Live better.

Do you like to smoke and suffer from gynecomastia? We want to hear your story. Let us know, 

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