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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Foreplay is so important in any healthy sexual relationship. There are unlimited ways to perform foreplay and to each its own. Foreplay is the appetizer to the main course, and often the dressing/sauce for the main course. Sexual activity that leads to intercourse being the literal definition of foreplay gives you a clear sense of why it’s important.


One popular form of foreplay is dirty talk. Now while this is very popular, not everyone is into it. Always good to keep in mind. Dirty talk is the art of sexual conversation either before sex or during the act. Dirty talk can range from subtle keywords to directly raunchy conversation.


For those of us who like to talk the talk before we walk the walk, talking dirty is such a fun and lustful way to build anticipation.


Creating momentum for the real thing, intercourse Mentally, sexual wordplay elicits chemical bodily responses enticing serious arousal.


In our digital era, sexts are extremely common, oh how aroused we become when we are at work and get a message from our lover. Whether it is a photo with a sexy unintentional haiku attached or just a raw description of what is consuming your lover's dirty mind. The blood gets to flowing and now a timer has been set. It’s a matter of time before what has been said is going to be tested. Sexts often create a sense of comfortability that transcends into the bedroom.


Now while the build-up is so intriguing, dirty talk is also great motivation during the act. It’s like a pep talk during a game, so much fun and invigorating when done right. Of course, the dirty convo varies upon the lover, always keep in mind your chemistry and connection with your present lover. What worked or didn’t for your old lover does not apply for your current, and vice versa. Being present and attentive makes dirty talk special and private.


There’s such empowerment in dirty talk, there’s so much power in words and during the sexual act, some words make all the difference. The tone, urgency, and energy combined ignite a desire to finish, to fulfill each other’s needs and wants with everything you have. The empowering factor stems from your own inner desire, the dirty talk is just fueling the fire. During sex, there are two conversations going on, your bodies and your mouths.. are they all on the same page?


Me personally, as a reader and poet I love and live for dirty talk, it’s the difference between my pussy having a loud heartbeat and me ignoring your existence bc I am not interested at all. I love being mentally stimulated, dirty talk allows my imagination to run wild, to the point my determination makes it a reality to my best ability. The build-up is equally important as Showtime for me, expressing your raw desires involving me is definitely empowering as it empowers me to share as well. It feels so good to know the primitive instincts of pleasure are sparked and fueled by your lover and the feeling is more than mutual.


Is dirty talk for you? Are you turned on at the sexts you receive and send out? Is your mind excited enough to visualize and transport you to a place where those words feel real? Real enough for you to follow through to fruition? Do you enjoy whispering to your lover what to do next? Do you enjoy hearing it? It’s perfectly fine if it’s not your cup of tea. Be very clear about that, if your partner is into it and you’re not it may cause discomfort. Again, dirty talk is only one form of foreplay, so don’t get discouraged if the dirty talk isn’t for you, explore the unlimited possibilities to heighten your sex drive.


People speak of affirmations daily, in major aspects of life, dirty talk is the sexual aspect. Keep that same energy for your sex life. Empower your drive using your words and solidify how much you really mean it by backing the words up with action.


A healthy sex life affects how smoothly we handle our daily lives, dirty talk as empowering as it is during all phases of sex (before, during, and after) definitely boosts our self-esteem and confidence outside of the bedroom. You feel bolder and more direct, being honest and transparent in all other aspects. You’re vocal in the most sacred space and time (during sex) so outside of that, being vocal is a walk in the park. When you think of how empowered you become being vocal in the bedroom in regards of your dirtiest deepest desires, speaking up for yourself in every other aspect of life becomes a lot easier and of course, ends up benefiting not only you but everyone you come into contact with.