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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Conventionally when we think of “celebration”, images of banquets, happy faces, and raised glasses typically flood our consciousness. We relegate the act of celebrating solely to joyful occasions, accomplishments, or milestones. However, this custom has become so ingrained within our society’s mindset so much so that when changes happen or something unfortunate comes about, we will plug our ear, close our eyes, and loudly live by the proclamation of “Good Vibes ONLY”.


The Road to Hell is Paved with “Good Vibes Only” Affirmations.


The phrase of “Good Vibes ONLY” permeates our current health and wellness scene. It is the essential cornerstone of their marketing ambitions. Everything from BPA water bottles, to yoga tank tops, display the manifesto of “Good Vibes ONLY”. Wellness and lifestyle blogs, as well as social media accounts, also widen the reach of this affirmation with the intent to empower individuals out of negative thinking and into a mindset of unwavering positivity.


Undoubtedly, this confident proclamation is meant to be a message of encouragement however, it’s sentiment is myopic in scope. The problem with “Good Vibes Only” is embedded in the phrase itself. Only “Good Vibes” are to be permitted, no other vibes allowed. If we allow anything less than “Good Vibes”, then wellness enthusiasts admonish us to take our “negative energy” elsewhere. Only good vibes allowed.


However, other “vibes” exist because the arrangement of our world and our circumstances is infinitely complex. Trite mantras like “Good Vibes Only” fail to embrace the multi-dimensional fabric that is our human experience. Though intended to engender a positive mindset, in essence, it creates a cultural norm that shuns challenging life experiences. “Good Vibes Only” is a mentality that denies the visceral realness of suffering. Adopting this “empowering” mindset leaves us with the inability to accept, acknowledge, and understand the value of being uncomfortable renders in the form of life lessons. If only “good” feelings are what our society values, other feelings become invalidated and the lack of our compassion for each other further grows. Sadly, this can only plunge us into self-imposed isolation and unworthiness. “Good vibes Only’’ only destroys what it hopes to build.  


Celebrate ALL VIBES

“Good vibes only” is a negation of our wholeness and unique complexity. The alienation propagated by the “Good Vibes Only” cultural sentiment needs a replacement if our society is to ever be truly well. Health coach and longtime yoga teacher Stacey Brass-Russell advises that energy (“vibes”) is not good or bad in and of themselves, but what makes them so is the intention we put behind it. We are dynamic beings who are meant to experience the uncomfortable and unpleasant. Feelings of grief or frustration are the seeds that make transformation possible. If our instinct is to push away them away and to only have “good vibes”, then we not only stagnate our own growth but prevent ourselves from holding space and empathizing with others. So, why not celebrate ALL VIBES?


No matter how well someone has image-crafted their social media accounts and posts, at some level, we are all suffering or experiencing a challenging ordeal. To celebrate ALL VIBES is to acknowledge all feelings, that to be struggling does not mean we are flawed. When we embrace all experiences, all unsettling changes, and all energetic moods as valid, we celebrate the process of our transformations and we participate in the sacred act of holding space to encourage growth. To celebrate ALL VIBES is understand that our goal is not perfection but evolution through the inevitable highs and lows. Encased within the inclusive manifesto of ALL VIBES is the revolutionarily celebration that compassionately declares no experience, no emotion, and no effort is ever wasted or ignored.