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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Cool people. Delicious food. Dope conversations.

What more can you ask for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? The Wellvyl squad posted up at Double Zero this past Sunday with their growing tribe of writers, health & wellness professionals, villagers, and new friends.

The brunch party was an exciting way to bring our community together. We are all about fostering human connections and Sunday was no different. Guests arrived on a rolling basis and sat with a new person while the Wellvyl team met, and mingled with everyone.

The staff at Double Zero were attentive, and very nice the entire time. We enjoyed breakfast, tomato, and white pizza, pancakes, kale Caesar salads, and delicious kombucha. The spot was accommodating to all of our food allergies.

[Wellvyl's] brunch party was dope. It was an awesome opportunity to build community by having partners, workers, and fans of the brand in one place. - Juan, Wellvyl Merchandise Manager

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Wellvyl, through our movement of providing health fun, these ongoing events provide a safe space for New Yorkers to meet, mingle, and be well. We are an entertainment and hospitality company for the health and wellness customer. And at the same time bringing new people into the fold for wellness and fulfillment.

Making new friends in New York after college can be hard. But at our brunch party, people were connecting, networking, and truly getting to know each other better. Our diverse community continues to cultivate into something vibrant, unique, and filled with love.

It was comforting that few people were on their phones, but instead were eager and willing to get to know one another and learn about each other’s passions.  I truly enjoyed speaking to other individuals in the Wellvyl community and learning about some of their innovative, unique fitness events occurring throughout the city.  And the food was absolutely delicious!  I could have been fooled by some of the nut-based cheeses had I not known they were vegan. - Lauren Suss, Wellvyl Magazine Writer

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The room was filled with our peeps rocking some of the most exclusive Wellvyl merch. The hand-painted, custom Kindness jacket was spotted. As well as the Hi, I Love You hat and Kale sweatshirt. And anyone who did not own a piece of merch, left with a piece. Cop something from our We Believe Collection here.

YES! Can not wait to have more get togethers like the brunch party on Sunday. It is a completely different experience when you can actually put a face to a name. It is so awesome to get to know those who also share in promoting the values and mission of Wellvyl. The food was fantastic, plentiful, loved meeting all the new folks, and I loved exchanging ideas! Never a dull moment! - Amy, Wellvyl Magazine Writer

The magazine crew was on deck, of course, to get quotes, capture photos, and film that truly shows the magic that was in the room. You can check out more photos on our Instagram page here. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about the upcoming events, and to join our tribe.

Special thanks to our event partners who came out to support! Jean and Jessica of Bowery Yoga, Tawny of Sobrietea Party, Glendy Yeung, Tim Grae of The Sweat Party, Mary Pretty Lou, Ashley of Soulga Yoga, and Bernadette from Jump 2 Burn.