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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

One of the hardest things about being a strength athlete in New York City is the nutritional aspect. Your body takes a heavy toll after spending at least three days a week doing the essential compound lifts-bench, deadlift and squat; sometimes hitting the movement more than twice in a single week. From my experience, my powerlifting training workout felt amazing after chasing and hitting PRs to only feel super wiped out and nearly dead within the next hour or so. Yes, strength training REQUIRES so much food in order to get bigger and stronger (especially if you want your butt to grow and we have now entered the booty shorts season).

Even with stuffing your face with more food, you simply can’t get away eating junk food often just because you are spending at least two grueling hours a day at the gym. Thinking that the EZ Pass to eat whatever can do more harm than good, especially training for something. You need the balance of your carbs, your protein, and your fats. And for those who need more protein in their diets, understand that this it is the basic building block of cells and tissues to keep us strong, it also helps us with our vital functions and body maintenance. But what about if you are vegan or planning on going vegan?

Can you still get all of your macros if you don’t eat meat at all? After befriending and training with some vegan lifters at the gym, I got the whole spiel about their decisions of not eating meat and it makes sense. Some of my vegan lifters are concerned about the antibiotics and other commonly known (think mad cow disease) ailments that come from eating meat. Others were concerned with the environmental damages as a result from the high demand of meat and also animal cruelty. I can go on, but basically, my good vegan friends showed me how to pig out the vegan way. And to think that I will forever be the combo breaker when I want to pig out to all types of chicken and beef dishes.

Given that we are based in New York City, finding a good vegan spot isn’t so hard to find.

Where can I get these vegan gains?

From what I was told, Champs Diner is proclaimed to be Brooklyn’s favorite all-vegan diner, a comfort food spot with super laid-back folks and great customer service. You can also order some food via Seamless and GrubHub and have their delivery send it to your house (or gym if you are doing high-intensity leg training and lord knows that walking anything above 10 feet is nothing but a nightmare. If you have been looking for a place to stuff your face so you can hit the Bench PR without compromising your taste buds, quality and/or the simple fact that you can finally eat with your vegan/vegetarian buddies, definitely check out Champs!


For information on the menu, contact and catering options, please click on this link.