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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Turmeric.  This root has been used for centuries by many cultures around the world with its origin roots pointing to India. Its use was first recorded in the Vedic culture where it was used for food and religious purposes.  Through trades, it made its way to the regions of Southeast Asia, East, and West Africa where ancient cultures also experimented with it for medical and culinary advances.

Fast forward to 2018- Turmeric has become the latest “fad” in the health world as western society has found itself jumping on the bandwagon that our brothers and sisters across the globe have been riding since the dawn of time. Walk into any Indian restaurant and peep their menu. I guarantee turmeric is an ingredient in the majority of their meals.  

As with any trending product we’re now seeing all the claiming a plethora of benefits from to include boosting skin health, treating cancer, reducing inflammation, combat depression, and the list goes on.   

Sounds like the next superfood, right? Before we subscribe let's take a closer look. Turmeric is basically the hype man for Curcumin its main active ingredient.  Curcumin’s three-point shot is providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which are the foundational support for the majority of ailments turmeric is praised for alleviating. (Dive into the rabbit hole- there are over 10,000 articles on curcumin.) Literally feeling like Alice in the Wonderland I dove into the world of turmeric and found that along with a general regimen of health, turmeric can aid in preventing and even reversing medical conditions.

But this is not Utopia. While the recorded benefits of turmeric can’t be denied there are some things to be aware of.

Taken orally turmeric is poorly absorbed and rapidly metabolized limiting its effects, especially if not used long-term. The yang to that yin is turmeric basically has no serious negative side effects when used in culinary dishes, teas, or supplements.  (Negative side effects* mainly consisted of stomach discomfort and headaches but that was also when people went OD with it.)

So how do we get more of this goodness into our bods?  By incorporating turmeric into our diets on a consistent basis we reap the benefits. Check out the fast and easy ways to improve your intake of this magic remedy.  

*If you take medication for blood-thinning (such as aspirin) you should steer clear of turmeric. Curcumin magnifies the effects of the medication which again results in too much of a good thing.


Turmeric is available in many teas and drinks.  Teas are especially great- just throw a few into your bag and when you’re on your daily hustle all you have to do is grab a hot cup of water and you’re good to go. Trader Joe’s is a great first stop for this drinking journey.  They have an organic carrot turmeric juice that’s been a staple in my fridge for about a month.  The carrot juice gives the turmeric a thickness that makes it surprisingly filling- just FYI the drink is a bit spicy. Good ol’ TJ’s also has a great organic ginger turmeric tea (as does Tulsi, in my opinion, this one is a bit stronger.) For optional flavor and turmeric remember to steep both for the proper time.

In the drink world, I also have fallen in love with ‘golden milk’ aka an amazing bedtime turmeric drink that contains all the warm cozy feels. (I seriously felt like Anton Ego at the end of Ratatouille) Check out an easy 5-minute recipe for golden milk here.


Turmeric is a great addition to veggies and grains alike.  Next time you’re cooking up a veggie grain bowl add a teaspoon or so.  It’s also good on eggs, tofu, in soups, basically anywhere. You can travel to your local grocery store/ bodega for this spice and seriously sprinkle that shit on everything.  (Want to engulf yourself in the world of Indian spices? Take an adventure to Kalustyan ’s on 28th and Lex.)


Turmeric helps clear up the face! Likely related to the anti-inflammatory properties a weekly turmeric mask can help bring on the clearer skin and a healthy glow.  A fan fave is Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask or you can make your own using one of these seven DIY Turmeric masks.