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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Our chief desire is for someone to inspire us to be what we know we can be." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yo! Wellvyl Fam- Need some inspiration tonight? Check out The Shine Event! 

This quote is the sentiment behind The Shine Movement, a global event that takes place every 2-3 months and is hosted in LA, New York, and London. This event is all about the motivation of the masses. By Inviting us to empower ourselves and inspire others through the authentic connection. It is a reminder of the power and responsibility we each have to ourselves and our communities.  

The Event

The night features a curated line up with the universal goal to inspire. “The Shine is like a mindful variety show. We feature a speaker that shares an "Ah-ha" moment from their lives, meditation, live music, food, and community,” said Andrea, a volunteer of the event. The Shine was conceived in the summer of 2014 with a desire to create meaningful community. Coming to NYC in 2015, The Shine provides a venue of real connection in a city that can feel pretty f-ing lonely sometimes.  With recurring connection and opportunities to become more involved in its community The Shine almost reminds me of all the good things, I liked about growing up in church. While there is not religious affiliation there is the prompt for people to join a community of support. The events are even completely volunteer-run, the only prereq is to have attended a past Shine Movement.

The Vibe

Another cool feature of The Shine? It is 100% alcohol-free. Dubbed “the Happy Hour without booze” The Shine dares you to push past ‘liquid courage’ to a truer form of contentedness with your fellow human. A  volunteer for the Shine, Andrea Praet shares; “There are many ways to socialize.  The absence of alcohol creates a more authentic atmosphere where people can share their stories and talents and connect with one another in a more meaningful way.  A lot of our community is interested in healthy living and substances can hinder that progress.” Removing booze or the pressure to “have another” or even partake in one gives space for people to show who they are as they are. I daresay a vulnerability that ultimately results in a more sacred space.

Pay it Forward

If you're  currently screaming “sign me up, these are MY PEOPLE!” - hold tight.  Each event also feature “The Shine On Challenge”, a spin on social philanthropy.  Each event randomly chooses an attendee and gives them $400 with instructions to use for a charitable purpose. (Thousands of dollars have already been re-purposed for good!) You're not just feeding your soul. You're connecting to other dope a** people and paying it forward to a cause close to your heart!

When we each consciously make efforts to empower our unique characteristics we help others understand it is OK for them to do the same.  If this ‘iron sharpens iron’ mentality is up your alley then you should find yourself at the next Shine Movement on April 18th. It will be held in at the wonderful co-working space, Primary. They're an awesome partner because they believe in balanced living and offer members fitness and wellness classes on site. We'll also provide healthy food from The Little Beet and hydration from Harmless Harvest Coconut water.

This movement is the brainchild of Light Watkins,  author, and meditation teacher based in LA.