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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

First off I have to be very clear, I am in no way a feminist. I do not believe in equal rights between genders, the woman is superior. Period. Men do not compare, they compliment us well, they just don’t hold a flame to our being. Even with this mentality, I don’t feel the need to belittle men and remind them how biologically we are naturally designed to be superior. I don’t hold my power as a woman over a man’s head nor do I feel they must be enslaved and repressed for me to feel validated in my claim.


“Once made equal to man, woman becomes superior” - Socrates — I agree with this quote in many ways, the power of woman is so phenomenal and nature like it makes sense why men would not want us to be aware of our full potential. Men have already fallen weak to women, and we are repressed, and oppressed. So with such little power, we still have much control.


Misogyny is something that is not only enforced by men, but women also do it as well. Women tend to internalize misogyny (see the term “pick me”). With women using misogyny as a means to be chosen by a man and accepted into an illusion that once chosen, she will be treated better than the women she stepped on to get the man she wanted. Wrong. Misogynistic men hate women, they hate our power, they hate our weakness. They know we are extremely beneficial, in turn, they ensure to utilize women for their benefit. And women fall for it every time.


Women are natural builders, and when dealing with the misogynistic mentality they want to be the woman that shifts the man’s attitude towards her. It’s a catch 22. Men are smart, they are stupid but very smart. The whole misogynistic mentality is a scam. A scam that costs women everything, from inequality to the injustice of objectification and doesn’t get me started on the wage gap. For centuries, women have been the backbone of the world, the spine to align everything that our society consists of today, most wars were over women, most peace treaties were fueled by a woman’s calm nature and guidance. Women are raising offsprings and even men for that matter, pushing civilization forward is what women know how to do naturally. Misogynistic men prey on that.


They thrive on the reverse psychology of hatred towards women, belittling us and our existence which leads many women to fight to get them to view us differently, or at least them. Women desperately trying to prove they are worthy based on what man deems valuable. While man benefits immensely from misogyny, women suffer greatly. The darkest side of misogyny is domestic abuse, murder, and rape. The hatred for women is disgusting and I can’t fathom how men who came from a woman could ever hate the vessel that produces life in so many aspects. (We’ll speak later on how mommy issues fuel misogyny and probably created it at another time.) The mental state is widely internalized worldwide.


Could it be considered a mental illness although it has been a way of life for centuries? I would say so. Crazy how no one alive has lived in an era or even witnessed a time period where misogyny didn’t exist. It’s so deeply rooted into our existence, any sign of equality seems like a leap towards the right direction, when many times, it’s a trap. These men who hate women will NEVER view us as equal let alone as human, they are sexists and oppressors that can’t fathom giving us anything that might fuel power, and if power is given, it’s in doses and with restrictions. Sometimes the expense of power given to women is the cost of her becoming misogynistic herself.  Which isn’t as hard as one might think to be, considering that our society has fueled and nurtured the mentality and lifestyle that supports this mental state.


How do we break this outdated mold? Is it on us women to break the cycle? I think not. Women have done the most decade after decade showcasing to the world all the abilities, accolades and results of what we can breed, nurture and sustain in all aspects of life. Everybody knows the power. They have felt it one way or another. I believe it falls on men to dismantle misogyny, standing for women in the ways we have stood up for men, protected men and encouraged them to be the best regardless of circumstances. Men who don't value women, will not listen to us. The hatred removes any chance at listening, however, those men will listen to other men. It’s time women get this treatment in return as a whole, it’s time the hate is dissolved to reveal the immense amount of love every misogynist secretly harbors for women. As women we can continue being ourselves, growing and bettering us and loved ones. It is not our job to dismantle a mentality that we didn’t create, regardless of our role in keeping intact and functioning. Men have to do more to realize just how deeply rooted this mentality is, how this affects them as well as the oppressed (women) and how they can do more to dismantle it. It’s a toxic mentality to all involved and it’s time we get rid of it.