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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Social ills: Voyeurisms


There are so many different forms of sexual illnesses and different forms of violation. One being voyeurism. The act of voyeurism is to gain sexual satisfaction while watching unsuspecting people either in a sexual act or in an intimate nature (naked, showering, masturbating). The difference between spying on someone and watching porn, porn stars give consent to be watched.


This type of behavior is a mental illness labeled voyeuristic disorder described by psychology today as the following: Voyeuristic disorder is one of several psychiatric sexual disorders known as paraphilic disorders. Paraphilic refers to sexual interests, preferences, fantasies, urges, and behaviors outside the norm; these are considered symptoms of a disorder only if they are acted upon in ways that have the potential to cause distress or harm to oneself or others, especially others who have not given consent.


A common name for these types are “peeping toms” and it’s pretty creepy, as I mentioned not giving consent is what makes this a crime, which is ironic, knowing the person you’re watching has no clue they’re being watched is apart of these appeal for peeping toms. There are countless stories where landlords bug the personal space of tenants with cameras, people using binoculars to watch from their window as their victim, showers or engages in sexual acts. Sneaky cameras in public dressing rooms. Secretly recording sexual acts without the consent of either party involved, the list goes on.


That type of violation and intrusion definitely takes a toll on a victim. Having your privacy not only invaded but your most intimate moments as well will fuck with anyone’s head. Besides paranoia, and the sense of shame and guilt that plagues the victims there’s a fear of never being able to experience privacy again. With this in mind, it’s no wonder, voyeurism can end up as a felony charge. While it’s considered a mental illness, there’s no specific cause to what triggers this in peeping toms. Without a direct cause, it’s hard to determine what’s the best remedy and if there’s a possibility at rehabilitation. Of course, most culprits of voyeurism comes with a short prison sentence (or probation), a fine and added to the sex offenders list. As they should.


Exploring Sexuality isn’t a sin, to me. Without consent though, it is. there’s nothing special or memorable about engaging in any form of sexual activity without consent. Of course to the sick and twisted, the lack of consent is where the thrill lies, and this is why they need help. There’s nothing normal about that and to write them off as monster may be the easiest route, removing them from society to dig and uncover the root of the illness is what they need, from a licensed clinician.


To even be considered having a voyeuristic disorder you must have these invasive desires longer than 6 months and be over the age of 18. “recognizing that sexual curiosity is common during adolescence and puberty.  In terms of gender-related diagnostic issues, voyeuristic disorder is described as more common in men than women.”  While this is something that is now garnering more attention and states are working to adjusting laws to reflect the heinous level of violation, it’s not enough being done to provide a sense of security for victims. Anything done without your consent is a form of rape, with that comes instability and a lot of emotional/mental issues that are hard to cope with. This is something that should be discussed more, on both ends.. helping victims cope with their encounters with voyeurism and the predators to find a root of the cause, helping them become healthy enough to avoid any future victims the distress of their desires.


Have you or anyone you know experienced voyeurism? If so what was that like? How did you cope regardless of your role?