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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Happy 4/20

4/20 is known as the Stoner’s Holiday. This year, the day falls on a Friday for cannabis connoisseurs. Whether you are employed with the typical 9-5 job, work remotely from home, or are fun-employed, here are a few binge-worthy NYC-based television shows to satiate your highness with laughs, tears, and joy. One pro-tip before watching: you should already have your preferred smoking devices ready. That means vape oil filled with charged pens, joints rolled or stuffed, and bowls filled and a few extra lighters just in case you lose one in the process.


Broad City Title Card

Broad City recently wrapped up its 4th season on Comedy Central and the 5th will be creators' Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s last. Originally starting as a web-series, this show depicts honest relationships between two female characters as they find themselves in the Big City. This is arguably the first show that has two, lead, female pot smokers that are not the usual, marijuana-loving sidekicks or girlfriend. These two women lead the way in comedy and for 20-something-year-old comedy lovers, these two represent the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

With cameos and guest appearances from a wide range of comedians from Fred Armisen, to Tony Danza to Hannibal Burress and more, the laughs are sure to keep rolling. One of the strengths of this show is depicting the hell that is New York City. In the opening of the second season premiere, Abbi and Ilana fight there way through backpacks, yoga mats, perverted male gazes, shit in the train, and 3-footlong hoagie eaters. Sounds like the usual New York City commute.

The gems in the show are found throughout the strong, character development and writing. In the first episode of season 2, we see Abbi being called Val by a strange older woman. 3 episodes later, we see that this was not a random coincidence on the Hashtag FOMO episode. This show goes beyond the ideal term of feminism and gives us a new way to look at how women navigate in not only NYC but the world. Hint: Women are people and have desires too.


Anybody that has seen an episode of High Maintenance is a repeat watcher. Just like Broad City, this show started as a web series on Vimeo. Creators Ben Sinclair and Katcha Blatchfield, marijuana consumers as well, keep the attention span of smokers in mind with stories and vignettes of Brooklyn users and that new Brooklyn lifestyle.

This show is a love letter to the city and people of New York. Usually, from the perspective of  The Guy, we get a glimpse inside the homes of those that order marijuana delivery service.

While many viewers of this show may fall in love with the snippet-like dream quality of the earlier episodes, the artistic vision behind the show and the life of the creators come into play with the newer and longer HBO episodes.

If you watch anything on 4/20, please let it be High Maintenance. The characters and storylines in this show are just as diverse as Brooklyn is gentrified. For example, we see a 30-something-year-old couple move into low-income housing in BK but are not allowed the amenities of those that pay to live in the luxury portion of the building.

This show redefines the pot smoking stereotype as it focuses on the ills, ailments, and diseases that the plant can be beneficial for. And it does so with laughs. As a result of characters smoking out of an apple, dabbing machine, and edibles, you won’t regret this decision to watch it. (Stoner’s Promise)!


Because you might need a break from the laughs on 4/20 and time to curve those munchie cravings, try watching Mr. Robot. While you might not see marijuana usage, prepare to go for a ride. This award-winning show with the main character played by Rami Malek tackles the concept of Wall Street, evil corporations, and the growing advancements in technology.

Mr. Robot with three seasons under its belt is so good it is hard to believe that it is a USA network show. Enjoy your 4/20.  May these shows bring you closer to being better and living better.

Furthermore, if there are any other shows we missed, feel free to email us. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Happy 4/20!