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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Too much of anything is bad for you, now when talking about sex, many would argue they don’t get enough of it, or there aren’t many worthy partners out here to even bother with the act of sex. However, sex is a big thing and as humans, we engage in it regularly, some may be too much, others maybe not enough all for our own reasons.


Quick questions to consider as you read the sexual detox:

How quickly do you jump from partner to partner (timewise)?

Do you use protection?

Do you get tested regularly?

Do you believe energy is a big deal, especially when sex is involved?


Exchanging bodily fluids and intense levels of intimacy bind you to your partner, regardless of how detached we believe ourselves to be, and how many partners we choose to have. We are human, we are built to connect with one another in many levels, sex being primitive.


As conscious individuals, we have a responsibility to be mindful regarding our health first and foremost. Too often we neglect sexual health. This is where the detox comes in. Some people joke about celibacy, when they go a while without sex, meanwhile, some make it a commitment to be celibate between partners or even through transformational phases of their lives.


I personally believe you need time to cleanse your body from a sexual partner, you have this person’s fluids and energy lingering on your spirit. Once you cut ties, you need to detox. Purge yourself from the energies you no longer want to exchange with. Many of us often belittle sex as something primitive and not so serious, and I realized many make so light of sex to absolve themselves from the responsibility we owe ourselves to keep our sex lives completely healthy. And when certain sexual relationships are not healthy in every aspect, the act of sex is not healthy either regardless of how good and satisfying you may feel in the moment. Once the High wears off, you’re a tad bit worse off than before.


How do I detox? Cutting off all forms of communication and dedicating to self-care on all levels, don’t think of time, think of your healing process. Your “reset and recharge” process. When something ends we tend to drag it on, with sex. If it’s over… it’s over if it does not then tend to the work that needs to be done with your partner for overall fulfillment on every level. Do not deprive yourself of happiness. Pure, unexplained, everything makes sense on every level, happy. That’s 100% achievable. Until you become dedicated enough to be as clear and cleansed as you can be throughout the different phases of life, you can’t say it’s not. There are so many ways to detox. And think about it, when you detox from eating bad food that tastes soooo good, you feel like shit starting out and soon after, you feel great. And the shit feeling comes from a mental withdrawal trigger, so it’ll pass… once the new phase of habit sinks in. knowing that makes all the difference. The levels to detoxing have many benefits, taking sexual breaks depending on your lifestyle may make all the difference, when you know yourself.


For women, we can indulge in baths and vaginal steams to physically detox from energies you have within you that no longer serve you. Men can take baths as well, and a penis soak you can read more here. That’s just one method of cleansing the spirit sexually for those who trust the power of natural herbs, remember, there are many other ways to detox. Whatever method you decide to go by understanding the detox is more than just physically cleansing yourself, you must cleanse your mind and emotions to truly end an intimate connection. Finding a therapeutic method to process your feelings and lessons from the situation, regardless of what ties you feel you have or don’t have with the person. You once were physically intimate and you no longer wish to do so... don’t bring that outdated energy with you to your next partner and next phase of life without this relationship.


I definitely have to mention, there are couples who may abstain from sex for spiritual or religious reasons, so even if your sex life is healthy, for a higher cause, abstaining from it will provide health benefits on several levels. While sex is very powerful, you are more powerful than that.


This is deeper than sex. This is about you. Cleansing and clearing your old vibes out before intermingling with someone new, to clear the air to accept all to come to allow the new and improved to flow in. Nothing should block your blessings, not even baggage you aren’t aware you’re carrying sexually. Drop it. Even if it means detoxing.