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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

In the recent boom in the beauty industry, thanks to social media, girls, and women are delving more into makeup and cosmetics. And even more so, plant-based cosmetics have also seen a boost.

Thanks to women like Rebecca Casciano, who as passionate natural beauty activist, is raising awareness of the chemicals that exist in common beauty products. Also a celebrity makeup artist, and Sacred Beauty Coach. Using her own wellness journey, Rebecca created the Sacred Beauty Collective to empower women through self-love, and connecting inner and outer beauty.

Learn more about the Sacred Beauty Collective and Rebecca with our fun Q&A:

What inspired you to become a natural beauty activist?

RC: The initial seeds were planted back in 1999 when I was struggling with chronic cystic acne and searching for a resolution. After trying many conventional treatments, friends introduced me to a plant-based diet and holistic healing modalities. I began to learn about the connection between our inner and outer selves and how much what we eat, drink and think can affect our skin and overall health. This inspired me to transition to a plant-based diet and lifestyle that was much more aligned with my values of nature and spirituality. Ten years later, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a health coach and it was then that I knew it was time to finally switch my makeup kit over to more natural and organic options. I knew I couldn't talk to women about wellness without addressing our cosmetics and self-care products. Once I learned more about the lack of regulation of ingredients, their effect on our health and that there are so many better (and equally as beautiful) options, I became a passionate advocate of natural beauty.


What is missing from the makeup industry when it comes to overall social wellness?

RC: Unfortunately, I think there's a lot missing. The beauty industry as a whole tends to approach beauty from an external perspective, leaving out all that can be achieved through diet, lifestyle and most importantly, mindset. There needs to be much more of this holistic approach, which also includes a commitment to healthier, more sustainable ingredients in our cosmetics. In addition, inclusivity and diversity have been quite limited, with many makeup brands still lacking a full range of skin tones. Human beings come in all kinds of beautiful shades and everyone should be able to find the products and colors that work for their skin tone. I am grateful to see progress being made as natural beauty and wellness have become trendy and are growing into multi-million dollar industries.

What can people expect from the Sacred Beauty Collective programs?

RC: So much! Women can expect to learn about beauty from a holistic perspective: mind, body, and spirit. This is the essence of Sacred Beauty, nourishing the inherent connection between our inner and outer beauty. They can expect to learn much more about themselves and connect with other like-minded women on a deeper level, creating a feeling of sisterhood and support. They will engage in fun, transformational exercises and learn tools, rituals, and practices that they will come back to time and time again. Members will also get to meet 12 guest experts from my inner circle of beauty and wellness gurus, who will be adding their wisdom and practical tips to the program. Everyone who experiences the Sacred Beauty programs reports feeling totally uplifted, nourished and inspired in new ways.

How do you feel you bring wellness to the people?

RC: I am so passionate about serving women and sharing a love that I believe you can feel it through my work. Whether it's my makeup artistry or Sacred Beauty Collective, I strive to be a source of light, love, and support. I truly want every woman to see and celebrate her beauty. When we feel confident in all (or most) aspects of our being, we show up in every aspect of our lives and the world in more powerful ways. I believe that by helping women realize and nurture that connection, I bring wellness and healing to the planet. I am so very grateful for the ability to share my passion and experience in this way. My mission is to bring The Sacred Beauty Movement to women worldwide through my online programs and workshops.


Sacred Beauty Collective is a 6-month program taking place from April-September, where you will explore The 6 Key Elements of Sacred Beauty: Outer Beauty, Spirituality, Movement, Nourishment, Wellness, and Creativity. These foundational elements nourish and strengthen the communion between our inner and outer selves. As a member, you can expect to develop a deeper relationship with yourself, as well as meaningful friendships with like-minded women, while learning about beauty and wellness in fun, uplifting ways.


More information on Sacred Beauty Collective here.

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