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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

“Ask your Doctor if its right for you!”


There seems to be a new pill to remedy any ailment these days. I can’t watch television for more than 30 minutes without learning how I should “talk to my doctor to see if ‘x’ pill is right for me!” It’s become a sad running joke to catch all the side effects from these prescribed medications that are supposedly there to heal you.


But on a real note. Our society has been pushing prescriptions and pills as the end all answer for decades and we are seeing the effects. The Opioid epidemic is rampant in our country, and it seems we are finally exploring ways to heal.


Eastern Medicine in our midst


The latest push for Eastern Medicine is beginning to be recognized in our country providing a shift in how we view medications and other avenues for to support our well-beings.  We need this through more people engaging in alternative medicines like acupuncture and meditation. We are beginning to see more capitalization on these services. With this innovation comes a plethora of mindfulness apps and websites.  All of a sudden it’s just as easy to subscribe to a 10 minute energy boosting meditation or an empowerment workshop as it would be to pop a pill for stamina or depression. (note: This is not to say that we should throw all our pills down the toilet. Medication is important in all forms and there are situations where you need them, especially as you get over humps or go through a particularly challenging event.)  But you have to admit the new wave of self-care is an amazing nod to how we are starting to look at our ailments and what we do (and put in our bodies) to fix them.


Taking Meditation to the Next Level- Headspace Health


Headspace is a site that dedicates themselves to providing accessible meditations to help people calm their minds.  They back their work in the foundations of both science and ancient health practices making them more accessible and a little less intimidating.  Headspace is hoping to take their efforts even further by trailblazing a concept for digital prescriptions through “Headspace Health” an addition that they hope to introduce in 2020. This app will provide health practitioners with the opportunity to prescribe particular meditations to patients that are aligned to their specific chronic disease.  Co-Founder and CEO, RIch Pierson, hopes that this addition will allow the power of meditation to be introduced more officially into the world the world of Western Medicine. This Summer Headspace Health began testing to improve this service and hopes to submit to FDA approval in 2020. This is a HUGE step in our world. This means your doctors will be able to prescribe (and insurances therefore will hopefully cover) this tool to improve the quality of life.


A More Aware World


Meditation is a practice. Many people feel this is a practice just meant for yogi’s or Monks sitting on mountain rocks. (cut to Luke’s final scene of The Last Jedi.) This is the farthest from the truth.  Meditation is a way for everyone to learn how to become more aware of their thoughts and able to find space to disassociate from them and step more into the present moment. To jump on a word, mediation allows us to find space to be more ‘woke’ in life.  So the next time you’re at your doctor ask about this upcoming prescription. Put it on their radar if its not and find out how you can be about it if it is.


As we continue to step into new ways of healing and being we wanna know your thoughts.  Have you used meditation to heal an ailment? Let us know about your experience and give some tips to the community!