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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Ah, spring break. A period of time designated for travel, rest, and relaxation. Time off from one’s mundane drudgery. The fundamental purpose of a vacation is to devote unobstructed time to healing the damaging effects stress places on the mind, the body, and the soul. A vacation is a success if one emerges with replenished vital energies, enabling them to better engage their everyday lives with a renewed and positive vigor.

However, the moment our returning flight lands and taxies to the arrival gate at LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark airport, we start to unconsciously undo all the healing our vacation provided to us. After an hour or more commute through crowded MTA subway transfers lugging our baggage, we return to our overpriced apartments.

At this point, we are completely enervated. The horrors of the mundanity that we have come back to. Begrudgingly we set our alarm for work the next day. A work environment fraught with other overly distressed souls awaits our return. Congratulations, you have just fried your nervous system. The curative delights from the hot stone massage you received at your resort, abolished.

To truly ensure that we not spiral into the cycle of post-vacation disillusion and create self-sabotage, we must take steps prior to our departure that will allow us to better integrate the healing we receive on our vacation. After much trial and error as well as observation, I have comprised a list that I call “Post Vacation Care”.


DO NOT opt to take the Red-Eye flight back to NYC for the purpose of going immediately back to your place of work that same morning.


You will hate your life if you do this.

Flying at high altitudes alone physically taxes the body. The lower oxygen levels circulating through the cabin and the lack of movement causes a significant stagnation in blood flow. Leading to fatigue, dizziness, and an overall lack of mental sharpness. Between the angst of rushing from the airport to make it into work at the time that same morning is bound to result in a toxic attitude of negativity and self-loathing.



Returning to a tidy home always eases the sting of return. It felt welcoming and helped to maintain the energy of renewal into the subsequent days. Realistically, most of us prioritize getting to the airport on time for our departure prior to leaving. Neatness tends to go by the wayside. Go the extra mile to welcome yourself back home to the comfort of a nicely made bed. Also, you will sleep much better.  



Having a “buffer” day if used wisely can help ease the transition back to the ordinary world so that your return is not such a shock to your renewed spirit. You can use this day to do the following:

  • Heal the body from the mild trauma induced from airline travel through quality rest in your own bed.
  • Go the grocery store to replenish your empty fridge.
  • Head to the yoga studio for a class. Stretching and extending your muscles can help relieve their stiffness as well as facilitate the recirculation of blood in your body.
  • Meditate. The main reason why you went on vacation was to clear your head. Plan the day so you can spend some time away from major distractions to just simply quiet the mind.
  • Plan for post work novelty. Arrange for a get together with a friend to recount your travels, make reservations for a new place you have been meaning to try, or attend an event or book a class for some fun engagement.


Getting back into the swing of our daily grind must be approached carefully as to not risk canceling out the effects or our therapeutic escapes which us New Yorkers undoubtedly work so hard for. If we cannot integrate the healing aspects of our time off as we rejoin into the pulse of NYC, then our efforts will have been in vain. Post vacation care is tantamount to maintaining your peace of mind after returning to the city that never sleeps.


What are some ways you like to unwind after a vacation?

Let us know in the comments!