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Wellvyl, the healthy social club. We are a movement towards social wellness in New York City. You can have the perfect abs, and a strict vegan, but how do you treat other people? And most important how do you talk to your inner self? Like dude, are you well?

Our brand new podcast, features Wellvyl team members, including our CEO Chris Kreitchman and Jey from My Uber Life, and remarkable guests. Discussing current events, politics, culture, health, wellness, and all in between.

Just like the pace of Wellvyl, we make we record on the go, and where the right vibes take us. We plan to move into a studio soon but still keep our adventurous spirit.

Check out the first 5 episodes of Death, Abs, & Smoothies:


Really Kanye?!

Patricia, Chris, Jey, & Kenadi discuss Yeezy's recent antics and what his alignment with MAGA means for social wellness.

Justice for All?!

Patricia, & Kenadi discuss race, social justice, celebrity and an update on the #MeToo movement. Also, it does not matter your status, race, the gender...a bad person is a bad person.

This is America

Patricia, Kenadi and, Chris talk about Childish Gambino's impactful new video for, This is America.

What is a Real Woman?

Kenadi discusses a recent incident where a strange man tells her what it means to be a real woman. Patricia and Chris, share their input on the altercation.

Self-Compassion & Awareness

Patricia and Chris are joined by Shane, from LA, in a discussion about self-compassion, awareness, and what it means to truly be well. 


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Want to be a guest on our show? Send an email to, with your bio and why you are a good fit for the show.

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