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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

The sun is up and out. The 4th of July is around the corner. It is time hang out on the rooftop as well as BBQ season. The smoky smell of marinated food from the grill fills the nostrils. The smoke usually smells of animal flesh, but what are the food options for vegans and others living a plant-based lifestyle? Like the throwback Will Smith song, “Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind” and enjoy this cruelty-free BBQ guide for all those looking forward to having some healthy fun and food this summer.

When it comes to enjoying usual BBQ foods, you think of burgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings sizzling on the grill. With the advancement of food technology, more plant based alternatives are popping up. See below for some delicious suggestions.

Hot Dogs

Yeah Dawg was created by Marina Benedetto in June of 2013. She believes that people can be healed by food. Yeah Dawg also believes that their “food is made from love and conscience for a better tomorrow for people, animals, and the environment.” I haven’t eaten a hot dog in over 6 years, but I promise you that these are the real thing.

For those weary of the ingredients, this dawg is soy and gluten free and completely made of wholesome plants. They are available in packs of 4 in Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, and other states along the east coast.

You can enjoy these with various toppings, but I recommend trying cranberry ketchup to help you relax those taste buds in that cool, rooftop, summer breeze. Not big on ketchup? Try any of Jenne’s (Sweet Potato Soul) colorful hot dog toppings in this video.


What would a BBQ or cookout be without skewers. The first time I grilled skewers, I used the Minimalist Baker’s Grilled Veggie Skewers with Chimichurri Sauce recipe. I have never used another skewer recipe since.

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes for the Grill

You may be entering a flesh-eating zone for an evening BBQ and would prefer to bring something that would satiate those carnivorous appetites too. After all, you do love to please others. You have six options for meat substitutes. They include tofu, from the soybean plant followed by tempeh which is fermented tofu. You can also find seitan, which is considered wheat meat and might not be inclusive to those who have gluten sensitivities. Jackfruit is growing in popularity nowadays for those that want a chewy texture. Last but not least you have mushrooms and cauliflower which can yield you some very tasty eats.

The secret to enjoying these cooked on a grill is to: MARINATE them. Check out this recipe from One Green Planet with great tofu marinades.


Can’t forget about sides. It may take a while to win people over with a vegan macaroni and cheese dish. It will take a while to perfect that cheesy blend of nutritional yeast and nut milk. However, you can’t go wrong with a savory potato salad. After trying this dish from The Savory Vegan, your party will be saying, I can’t believe it’s not vegan.  But it is.


No rooftop BBQ would be complete without a cool beverage. Take a sip of Pilot Kombucha to clear your tastebuds for a landing of second helping. After all, it is vegan and can’t do your body too much damage. Owner and Founder Alex Ingalls is Brooklyn based for those wanting to support local business.

In an interview with Leonardo Calcagno for Baron, Alex says, “We're not about changing our (or your) entire lifestyle in order to feel great & healthy. We know that's not viable for most people so we're really trying to provide a way for these hedonistic partiers and foodies in New York to make healthy choices that make sense for their lifestyle, whether it's as a hangover cure, cocktail mixer, or digestif after eating huge Instagram-worthy milkshake.”

A beverage that can serve as a hangover cure, digestive stimulant, and cocktail mixer? Don’t bring a few bottles, please be sure to try and bring a keg of this stuff. You’ll be the talk of the BBQ get down.


Every BBQ deserves some sweet and savory dishes. Try these three strawberry related treats below.

Don’t let food divide you away from building great relationships. In order to live better and be better, we must try to be inclusive when it comes to sharing meals and time together. Food brings us together. Especially when plant-based. Drop us a line at @Wellvyl_Mag on Instagram for your summer vegan favorites. We’d love to try your suggestions.