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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Take a seat. Sit up straight. Relax your eyes. Grab your joint. Light it. Inhale, then hold, and finally, exhale. Bring your attention to your thoughts. Enjoy the euphoria of mindfulness meditation on marijuana.

Mindfulness meditation is the best way to start your day. Mixing meditation with marijuana might just make it a little bit better. It is simple and can be done in four easy steps. Find a quiet place in your home. Either sit upright in a chair or lie down in a comfortable position on your bed or floor. Bring all of your attention to your breathing. Inhale. Exhale. If your thoughts begin to wonder that is perfectly okay. Just remember to bring your focus back to your breaths. Then take a hit from your preferred smoking device.

cannabis in jar for mindfulness meditation


Try this before you read the text messages you received while sleeping. Be sure to set your intentions for today. In the busy world of New Yorkers, patience is always a great virtue worth attaining. Before you open your work emails, try to practice meditation to remain present in the moment. Nobody knows what obstacles the world may throw your way, but starting your day off relaxing your consciousness is a way of overcoming anything that may deter you from being your best possible self.

You may faces challenges when attempting to let your thoughts go to achieve a state of zen that mindfulness can bring about; however, cannabis just might be able to assist with helping you focus and letting those thoughts go.


With many studies showing that cannabis can treat many different symptoms from anxiety to depression to even pain, meditation and marijuana just might be the perfect match for a blissful morning or night session. Instead of a wake and bake, try to bake and meditate.

There are many different strains of marijuana, all with cool names ranging from Chocolope, Kali Mist, and Blue Hawaiian. According to Leafly, a user aggregated strain review website, these are the strains that will allow you to focus more. With all the available strains, you either have your indica strands, which provides more of a body high and your sativas, which provide more of a mellow, head high.

If you work a 9-5 and commute from Brooklyn into Manhattan for work, you occasionally get hit with purses, backpacks, or strollers on your way home. Toking up and taking the time to focus your thoughts when you make it home is a great way to relieve muscle tensions and spasms.

And if you are a true New Yorker, the use of marijuana in combination with meditation can also spur creativity. We know you work hard at your day job and need to work even harder for your second or third side hustle.

According to The Business Insider, aside from the creative benefits of marijuana, it can also help those that suffer from PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, Chron’s disease, arthritis, and relieve those nightmares you may have. It is important to note that while new studies are showing the benefits of cannabis, more people are slowly gravitating to cannabis over alcohol. It is a commendable way to party differently.


Everybody has different brain chemistry and it is important to note that marijuana affects everyone in a different way. While marijuana has also replaced opioids for pain treatment, it can also cause cases of paranoia in some people.

Bailey Rahn explores this in her Leafly article, “Why Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia in Some But Helps Anxiety in Others?” Rahn says, “THC can overexcite the neural pathways and lead to anxiety and paranoia, especially in individuals who are new or unaccustomed to cannabis.”

If you already have pre-existing anxiety, you might stray away from combining marijuana and meditation; however, if you are interested, Rahn writes that you should be sure to try the right strain that works for you such as a low-THC strain and be sure to find a comfortable setting. With either marijuana consumption or meditations, the setting is always crucial.


Rae Lland combines a few best practices for gazing meditation and marijuana as well as mindfulness and marijuana tips. For more information, visit Leafly’s 'Guide for Meditation and Marijuana.'

For those that prefer imbibing cannabis over coffee, try this with your morning routine. Caution: Time and senses will be heightened so be sure to set a timer. When we remove ourselves from the digital world and focus on our inner selves, we become better people. Unplug, roll up, meditate, and go be great. Be Better. Live better.