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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Whenever the president tweets, signs a bill, is interviewed, or opens his mouth, a lot of people shake their heads. The others sit in silence and also shake their heads. With President Trump in office for the next few years, all those who oppose ‘He who shall not be named again in this article,’ can do is sit and hope.

That new form of hope comes in the wake of Oprah after her speech from this year’s Golden Globes. During the times that the men in Hollywood are failing or meeting our expectations of harassment and sexual advances, Oprah has boomed onto the scene as a candidate that the current president says, would be a ‘lot of fun’ to run against.

Who would be the one-name-hit-wonder, Oprah’s running mate in 2020? Michelle Obama would have enough pull to sway those that say Oprah doesn’t have enough political experience in the next presidential election.


I asked Greg Howard, my favorite writer at the New York Times, his thoughts on a Michelle/Oprah 2020 campaign. While he didn’t have anything specific to say about Michelle, he did share this sentiment, “My friend Ashley Feinberg said it best on HuffPost when she called talk of an Oprah presidency a liberal revenge fantasy.”

He continues, “I don’t think the answer to Trump’s destructive presidency is a more humane celebrity in office. I think it’s more experienced governance. There are plenty of people, including women and men of color, who are more experienced (and whose politics are more in line with what I consider best for the country). That said, Trump’s victory illustrated the value Americans place on celebrity and on wealth. Oprah would probably win in a landslide.”

Oprah’s biggest Cons are her Pros in a 2020 campaign with Michelle Obama. She exudes privilege, she is a celebrity, and that she is a black woman, the most resilient and hard-fighting people on this planet.

Jessamyn Stanley, a Yoga instructor from North Carolina, posted an Instagram caption earlier today that said, “So y’all are really up in arms about this whole @oprah for president thing. Damn. Can you imagine if the same energy fueling the Oprah 2020 debate were being used in service of the infinite worthwhile ecological/economic/civil rights causes in this world?”

The caption goes on to emphasize Feinberg and Howard’s feelings about the candidacy, “Legit, we’re on the brink of nuclear and/or ecological catastrophe and yet my social media timelines are a think piece soup of nonsense that no one will remember next week.

While we currently have a prior celebrity in office as our president, it is really hard to think about another celeb in office, whether she looks like my mom or not. In the past words of Oprah to those hoping for an Oprah 2020, “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.” Let’s remember to be better and live better.