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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Instagram Influencer @hood.delicacy

Carliene considers herself a carefree black girl aiming to create a spiritual space for black girls that consider themselves different. She is a model and self-care enthusiast always looking to connect.

How do I connect with people in NYC?

answer: On a spiritual perspective, I don’t.
I’m on a journey of expressing my self both from the inside and outside. That requires time and patience. That requires slowing down the pace of whatever isn’t going on in my life. The people of NYC are gracefully busy. To answer your question, I guess I don’t connect with people from New York haha.

Do I consider my social life healthy?

Absolutely. My girlfriends and the people I choose to socialize with have an understanding of my boundaries. I’ve made it clear for my well-being. They understand that I’m both a social butterfly and a homebody at the same time! There are weeks I’m in the house because I simply NEED to recharge my batteries. I’m in the house to refill my glass if you will. I won’t be able to be my whole self in any social event if I’m drained or even worse, my cup is half full. How will I be my best self? Most people have a hard time socializing and doing “life” as well. It’s all about balance. Too much of life can strip you out of your joy-filled life you deserve. Too much socializing can strip you of the work that’s inevitable to escape. Balance.

How does my health and wellness practice help me connect with people?

My health and wellness practice comes second to God. That being said it’s almost my number one priority in order for me to help anyone. I’m an artist and I was created to not only use my gifts to create projects but also connect with people on a spiritual level. As I mentioned in my previous response, I’m on a journey of expressing myself inward and outward. Implementing self-care in my life has connected me with so many amazing artists and job opportunities! Self-care has aligned me with amazing people. People that I suppose to connect with. It’s almost like it was written in my blueprint that I was supposed to meet them. That’s some heavy shit.

How often I feel lonely in New York City?

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the feeling of loneliness in NYC. I could totally understand why people would though. The cities never sleep, it’s none stop hustle and bustle! People barely have time to actually interact with each other! When I hit the New York streets, I usually in Brooklyn and I’m always in a safe place!

When I go to NYC where are some places I consider a safe place?

I guess I already answered that in my previous response! Well, when I think about a safe space and New York, Brooklyn comes to mind. I’m surrounded by my beautiful black brothers and sisters! I love a good bar on a Fulton Street followed up with a $5 margarita from Havana Outpost, last to finish it off, a quick turn up at Mo’s Lounge around the corner! It’s a beautiful safe place for a creative like myself to let go and allow the flow of life to do her part in my life.