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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

At the top of pop culture's current mountain stands none other than Kanye West, hip-hop producer and rapper extraordinaire and husband to Kim Kardashian. After a year plus hiatus out of the limelight, West has returned, in true Yeezy fashion, with a boatload of proclamations and opinions. On the lighter and fun side, he has promised what most of the world covet from the loquacious (to say the least) pop star more than anything else: music. And lots of it. In a succession of recent tweets, he claims that the next several months will see releases for albums that he's produced. First will be the rapper and President of West's G.O.O.D Music label, Pusha T's. The singer and now reality TV star, Teyana Taylor, followed by a collaborative album by Ye and his former artist Kid Cudi. Then we're supposedly getting Kanye's next solo composition and last, but definitely not least, an album from the great Nas.

On the darker side of things, Kanye has been quite vocal with his political feelings to the chagrin of his fan base. Mainly because of his continuous support for President Donald Trump and most recently new conservative Internet star of the hour, Candace Owens. The backlash has been real with trollers saying Kanye has fallen into a sunken place (a reference from the movie Get Out where white supremacists in disguise attempt to seize the minds of black men, taking their soul to a "sunken place.").

Kanye's clap back is that folks fight for Freedom of Speech, but not "Freedom of Thought." What are your thoughts?