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How to Stay Sane on Social Media

How to Stay Sane on Social Media

How to Stay Sane on Social Media

| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

We live in a world where the status quo is to overshare. One of my friend's new saying is, "send a picture or it didn't happen." We are trained to put it all out there, on at least 3 social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Instagram, etc.). And now, they all have a live feature where you share in the moment. Of course, we all have that reflex, to pull out our phones to record what is happening.

It gets harder to take a break from not only sharing your every move but watching everyone else's. You must find a balance between that type of overexposure and maintain a private existence. Make sure you don't get into that gray area of not knowing what is real or fake.
Almost all of my close friends have made the sentiment, "I need to take a break or I want to get off Facebook." I know some who go months without checking tweets or scrolling down the FB news feed.

But for someone who uses social media platforms for professional purposes, you can't really take a complete break from scrolling down the never-ending newsfeed. It’s my job to keep up with social media trends. So, I have done a couple things to help me maintain balance and keep my soul happy:

I disabled push notifications on my iPhone for social media. Notifications don't pop up on my screen for every single like, comment, follow, etc.
I do not check my social media for at least an hour after I wake up and definitely not before I have completed my daily routine
I post private statuses when I want to vent or talk about negative things or people
I remember that social media is not always a reflection of real life
I do not post everything

I know it’s hard, but try not to watch other people's movements and compare to your own life. Nothing is what it seems. You can be stalking and find yourself wanting a life that is not even real. People can make anything seem like something on the internet. I mean they made a TV show about it- Catfish. Don't get caught up.

Social media withdrawal is a real thing. But like I said before, social media is not real life. Followers are not going to make you feel full inside. Taking care of yourself in the present, will. These methods can help, as well as putting down the smartphone, and having a conversation.

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