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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

What’s your kryptonite when you’re trying to establish healthy eating habits? You know, that thing that always creeps up after you have sworn yourself to a new eating style.  You vow to ‘give it up’ or at least reset your expectations yet that ‘thing’ seems to be everywhere you look. For me, it’s sweets, specifically doughnuts and especially for Krispy Kream (sorry Dunkin lovers). Literally every time I am Penn Station I have to make a conscious decision if I will go to Krispy or not.  This is problematic, \especially when trying first adjusting to a healthier lifestyle.

Just one won’t hurt, right…

This is technically correct. One of anything won’t hurt you, in fact, we all could strive for a more “middle way” approach to structures of health in our lives.  But when you are beginning a new health regime having that ‘just one’ can have a deeper influence on your mind. When we set goals for ourselves and then lax on the accountability it makes the reward less sweet.  We open space for excuses and doubt in our abilities to reach our set goal. So, what do we do?


Enter the ‘healthy’ dessert

Nowadays there is a spin on everything when it comes to health.  Desserts are no different. Lately, there has been an increase of ‘healthy’ desserts that would make even the most avid weightlifter swoon. The secret?  Instead of using heavy flours, butter and sugar bakers opt for protein powder, lighter flours (such as coconut or oat flours), applesauce and bananas, and natural sweetener (such as maple/ agave instead of refined sugar). The results are the same(ish) taste but with lower cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugars.  


Where do I find such things?!?!

Ready to lace up your shoes and jog (or plog) to the nearest location for these powerful protein packed treats? The health industry knows America has a sweet tooth and as a result, there has been an increase of options for these spin of our childhood delights.  If you’re into baking and experimenting in the kitchen there are plenty of recipes online. (Seriously, Google ‘easy protein doughnut recipes and a plethora come up that will align with your dietary needs.) Baking not for you? No worries, you can also get your fix at The Protein Bakery located on W.19th.

Are you in love with protein sweet treats or do they not measure up to the real deal for you? Share your stories with the community below!