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| By Wellvyl Media Editorial

Healthy and vegan are not synonymous. Many people may experiment with veganism in an attempt to lose weight; however, may fall short of their goal due to a lack of knowledge of basic nutrition. You have the Junk Food vegan that may indulge in non-dairy ice cream, Lays Potato Chips, and Sour Patch Kids. You also have the High Raw Fat vegan, which doesn’t eat anything cooked over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Because strictly whole food plant based restaurants may be a tad bit expensive, here is a guide for those that want to experience cheaper vegan food options in order to feel healthy.

JaJaJa Plantas Mexicana

Jajaja is zesty, flavorful, and will cause your taste buds to salivate while chewing. While this list is not in any particular order, there is a reason that this restaurant is listed first. After opening a location in the Lower East Side last May, they are also slated to open up a second eatery in Brooklyn this spring.

Offering a variety of gluten-free tacos and bowl options, you can satisfy your cravings for less than $15 a plate. This restaurant with its decor, makes a terrific date-night on the city. It also makes a great Cinco de Mayo celebration or gathering with its many local microbrews. If you are looking to party differently, they also serve freshly pressed juices. If you fall in love, they also offer catering options.

Recommendations: Beet & Pumpkin Empanada and Chorizo Burrito.

Orchard Grocer

Orchard grocer is small, cozy, and tucked away next door to NYC’s vegan shoe store – Moo Shoes. While it serves as a grocery store, you can head to the back and order bowls, sandwiches, sweets, or tasty side items such as chickpea tuna and vegetable tabouli.

Healthy Sandwich from Orchard Grocer

After placing an order, you have two options. You can browse the shelves of the palm oil-free grocery store or you can take a peak at the latest vegan sneakers next door.

Recommendation: The Francis

Peace Food Cafe

The service at Peace Food Cafe is exceptional. They also have a wide variety of juices, smoothies, salads, and entrees. During your first visit, the menu may seem overwhelming with the vast amount of vegan choices. If you are used to only a few menu items being vegan then this is restaurant is a dream come true. Out of all the restaurants on this list, you are more apt to spot a vegan celebrity or vegan influencer.

Recommendation: Pan-seared French Horn Mushrooms on Foccacia.

Beyond Sushi

This is the best sushi place in all of New York City and they are constantly expanding with locations in Union Square, Midtown, Chelsea, and a newly opened spot in SoHo. With lunch specials less than $12 including a 8-piece sushi roll and soup or dumplings, you might find yourself here daily. Raw, detox, healthy, and plant-based vegans can now rejoice for a mock-meat-free sushi establishment.

Recommendations: Fun-Guy Dumplings and Spicy Mang Roll.

Little Choc

This is New York City’s first fully vegan creperie. Crepes can be difficult to make at home especially if they are animal-free. I tried making crepes the other day and ended up feeling sorry for myself. A visit to Little Choc made me feel whole again. And definitely healthy.

Recommendation: Jacked Up (Savory Crepe)

Jivamuktea Cafe

Namaste! New York City vegan-foodie Emily Lavieri-Scull known on Instagram as @CapersandKindness recommends this spot. Does your body need to feel at zen? Then try and eat one of their certified organic meals. Does your spirit seek a calmness? Try to sign up and take one of their yoga classes. Hmmmm.

Yoga and vegan food. Count me in!

Recommendation: Maple Tempeh BLT


Have you heard of Matthew Kenney? He is responsible (with many others) for advancing the raw, vegan food movement. He also has plenty of restaurants worth trying from Double Zero (pizza) and Bar Verde; however, for a nice night on the town, try XYST.

Located in Chelsea, you can pair this restaurant adventure with a trip to the Rubin Art Museum. This is the most expensive restaurant on the list, but I promise, your taste buds will thank you later. Along with your tummy.

Recommendation: Wild + Cultivated Mushrooms and Green Pea + Fava Falafel.


Quintessence is a fully raw, vegan eatery that caters to the non vegan crowd. This is probably the most healthy restaurant listed. From soups to salads, to small plates, and bigger plates, this restaurant is best tried by sharing items tapas-style. Their raw, chilled soups will leave your body feeling energized and invigorated.

Recommendation: Portobello Steak Burger with Chipotle Cheese Sauce

Modern Love Brooklyn

Modern Love is swanky, jazzy, and straight-up dope. It is owned by vegan extraordinaire Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Anybody that follows Isa on Instagram will be tempted to visit Modern Love as she films behind the scenes footage of the chefs and workers having so much fun.

[caption id="attachment_57796" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Healthy Pasta from Modern Love[/caption]

Be sure to make a reservation especially if you are trying to eat at their weekend only brunch. With an ever-changing seasonal menu, it is hard to make a recommendation, but honestly, everything on the menu is worth trying.

Seasoned Vegan

I opened up instagram to check out Seasoned Vegan on my first visit. My mouth dropped as I saw that Stevie Wonder was there the day before from the pictures tagged at their location. Shortly after realizing that this restaurant nestled in Harlem was a soul food eatery, it quickly became the sunshine of my life.

Recommendation: Raw Lasagna  

Healthy Eating - Better Eating

Furthermore, eating healthy does not mean lowering the number of meals you eat or monitoring what you put into your body. Eating healthy has everything to do with incorporating more plants, vegetables, and water into your eating habits. Remember that the best way to experience eating new meals are with friends. Good company can make any meal delicious. May this guide to NYC vegan eats help you on your journey for a better version of yourself. Eat better. Live better. Be Better.